December 31st, 2009


Cat drama and year in review

Today we were reminded that there's a very, very good reason we don't do spontaneous, impulsive things. We've spent the last... three-ish hours listening to Oreo and New Cat moaning at each other, and we are exhausted.

Our Relief Society President came to pick us up at about ten this morning, and off we went to PetSmart. There were two kitties there that struck our fancy, but just to be sure, we checked the other PetSmart before making any final decisions. The other PetSmart had all big (and I mean like giant) kitties, and we already have a pretty big kitty, so we wanted a smaller one. So back to the first PetSmart we went. One of the two cats we liked was male, and we were worried about two males never learning to get along, so we chose the other one. Her name is technically Momma Kitty, since she nursed a few litters in her time (she's spayed now), but we want to give her a different one. We just haven't decided what it is yet.

Adopting her turned out to be a huge pain in the neck, because for some reason, they don't give them cat carriers. So we could either spend $10 on a cardboard PetSmart brand one or we could run home and get one. It was after we ran home to get our carrier that we learned that the adoptions take cash only. So we ran to the Target in that same parking lot to use their ATM machine... which broke. That's okay! We can buy candy bars and get cash back! Only they wouldn't give us as much cash back as we needed, which we only realized after already ringing up both candy bars. So we bought a couple more candy bars and we were set! ...only then we found out that the SPCA (PetSmart holds pets for the SPCA) wants exact change. Boo.

So we bought some catfood and kitty litter and got the change we needed and finally we were able to take New Cat home... where Oreo promptly started hissing at her. Actually, he mostly just growled at her. The hissing was for us, when we tried to stop him. It didn't help that she had an accident on the way home and Oreo gave us no time to show her to the litter box before she had to run and hide.

The battling has gone on and off ever since. (By "battle," we mean "staring and moaning at each other.") There was one point where Oreo approached New Cat in a completely non-threatening manner, like, "Okay, maybe I should try to get to know this new cat." He's such a good kitty. But by then she had learned not to trust him, so now it was her turn to scare him off.

We knew they wouldn't get along at first, but we didn't realize how hard it would be on us. We just wanted to get someone to help Oreo be less lonely, or at least more entertained, but now it feels like we betrayed him by letting a strange animal into his territory. But we don't want the other cat to feel like nobody wants her, so we want to be nice to her, but we don't want Oreo to think we're taking her side... You know, I don't think we know anybody else who would let this kind of cat drama affect them this badly (not that I don't think there are others out there; we just haven't met them).

And now I feel like we need to restore the balance. That might just mean letting everybody get used to the new situation. But man, it was "Oreo and Mimsy" for so long, the idea of "Oreo and" anybody else... It's hard.

And here I've been planning on doing our obligatory "year in review" post for a whole week and it gets taken up by cat drama! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for RS Pres not complaining when we really did make her take us all over the place, not seeing any cat blood so far, having a lot of awesome stuff happen this year, making it through all the bad stuff this year, and brighter prospects for next year.