December 22nd, 2009



Ugh, I feel like we've wasted our entire morning. Not that we had any plans for the morning, but sitting around wallowing seems like the opposite of productive. Anyway, we weren't sure how to deal with the problem, so now we've come to LJ to vent about it.

Via Twitter, we found a link to this blog post on the poor state of manga translation. If you read it, you'll see that he singles out a specific translator who wrote a self-introduction using the word "awesome" three times. Thanks to our own fact-checking abilities we were able to confirm that he did, in fact, mean us. His point was that this person is obviously a terrible translator because all of their essays show that they have no flair for writing whatsoever. He also points out that he doesn't read translated manga, which means he probably hasn't actually read our translations and therefore can't really speak for their quality or the lack thereof.

So we're not sure what to do. To us, he seems like a self-righteous jerk who isn't really checking his facts. On the other hand, I can see where we've probably done the same thing on some occasions, but... I don't know, maybe it's just self-justification to say that at least we only point out specific examples of translation and don't just judge someone based on something that may or may not show their translating prowess.

I like to think that our own personal character voices aren't the only ones that show up in our translations. "Awesome" is a good example, because, while you can see it all over the place when we're blogging, we actually almost never use it when translating. Or maybe we actually do and I don't realize it because I'm so addicted to the word. Athena says she would have noticed. And we can do some searches right now.



Out of eleven entire scripts, we've found the word five times. So probably a little more than "almost never," but never more than once in the same script.

Basically we're just bummed and we're not sure if we should just let it go or defend ourselves, mainly because we have a column due today and we don't know what to write it on. The guy also calls us out on our use of fancy words for big talkers. We're not sure what we're supposed to use other than fancy words. Apparently the idea is juvenile, though, and since we're obviously very immature (as indicated by our overuse of the word "awesome"), it would be beyond our mental capacity to come up with anything better. That makes sense, though, because some of the comments talked about good ways of dealing with different dialects, and we can't imagine what those would be, either. But in our defense, he was probably talking about our column on Ayame, and I still think he turned out very well. Not that we can really judge ourselves...

Anyway. I think that's enough venting. It's never a bad idea to re-evaluate the quality of your work, so... I don't know. Later we'll come back and talk about happy things like Disneyland, which will help remind us of things to be grateful for, so I'll save the gratitude journal bit for then.

The time has come to talk of other things

Thanks again for all the support, everyone. I will admit that we were hoping to get a lot of praise, but that's what you tend to need most when something like this happens. We'll need to remember that when we read other people's similar posts. Anyway, our logical sides recovered pretty quickly, but it took a lot of effort to pull the emotional sides out of their funk. And of course there's still the little insecurity whispering in the corner of my mind that everybody agrees with that jerk and now everyone hates our translations, but I'm sure we'll be able to silence that eventually, too.

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For all our having been to Disneyland a million times before, I still end up talking on and on and on about it. Ah well, I like it.

Today I'm thankful for getting the Billies' autographs (still need Billy Mandolin, but Billy Bass was really nice and he's always been our favorite), those yummy mint sundaes, extra hot fudge, getting to see Flotsam and Jetsam, and actually finishing our column today.