December 15th, 2009


Let's review.

I've been rethinking my opinion of The Princess and the Frog, since I realized that something I'm always wishing people would realize is that just because somebody doesn't like something doesn't mean it's poorly done. Just because I don't like a character, for example, doesn't mean that the character is poorly created or unrealistic. So the second time we saw The Princess and the Frog, we were able to be a little more objective and pick things apart and figure out what we didn't like about it, and think about whether it was a matter of storytelling problems or if it was just a matter of our own personal preferences getting in the way. And now that I'm done ranting about other things, I think we can type up a more detailed review.

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Whew, I knew that was going to be long.

Today I'm thankful for companies that send out checks promptly (got money today, but neither of our delinquent checks), having money to go deposit, finally finding that last dressphere in FFX-2, only needing three more percents to get 100, and bundt cake.