December 12th, 2009


Good stuff

Our poor kitty has been left on his own so many times and for so long these last couple of days. After the movie yesterday, we went to a quad-stake service project. We were putting together kits for kids at the hospital, and since we didn't have that many kits to assemble and there were a ton of people there, it was over super fast. But we ran into a friend of Leia's who is also an anime/manga fan and her sister, and we ended up talking and talking and talking long after the event was over. Mostly about Disney, actually. It was kind of an obsessing over various things involving Disney day.

After we finally got back, we had to go to bed early, so we could wake up early so we could go to the temple! We're not very good at going to bed early. But the temple trip was awesome. We had fewer people there than usual, but when we got started, the first girl did a bunch of baptisms, and somebody said, "Hey, how many has she done?" they realized she'd done forty, and they asked her if she could go on to fifty, and she was like, "Yeah!" So we were all going to do fifty names each, but there was another group scheduled for eleven-thirty, so we had to stop short. But it was awesome anyway. And after that we went to In-N-Out and had neapolitan milkshakes which were amazing.

Then! we went to see The Princess and the Frog again with Mom, Celeste (and husband), and Sarah. I was really worried, because when I called Mom last night to see what the plans were as far as that went, she asked us if it was thumbs up or thumbs down, I said, "Overall I would give it a thumbs up," in a tone of voice that was a little hesitant. But it was true, we do give it a thumbs up. We decided we'd give it an eight, and we just hesitate about it because we wish it was a ten. So now that Mom knew we were hesitant about it, I was worried she wouldn't want to see it anymore, because she refused to see UP just because when Sarah saw it, all she said about it was, "UP was sad!"

But when I called after we went to the temple, we learned Mom was still wanting to see it, so off we went! And Mom really loved it. Everyone else really loved it too, so we ended up upsetting Sarah with our typical picking apart of the movie afterward. All we were doing was trying to figure out why we didn't love the movie as much as we hoped to. Ah well.

Incidentally, we did enjoy the movie more the second time, which is definitely good considering how we felt about Tinker Bell the second time we watched it. We're also very excited to see the Princess and the Frog show they have going on at Disneyland right now! It won't be long! ...before we leave Oreo all alone again. Sigh. Hopefully he won't mind the Pets Hotel as much this time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to new friends, the awesome temple trip we had this morning, getting to see The Princess and the Frog again, getting to try neapolitan milkshakes, and being home with our kitty.