November 27th, 2009


Random thoughts

Two pieces of chocolate pie yesterday and I'm still feeling chocolate deprived. I hope this doesn't mean I'm really addicted.

Let's see... Oreo's been giving us trouble with his medicine. He hates it so much he's refusing to keep it down. We thought we'd figured out all the tricks to prevent that, but he's determined now. We held him and stroked his neck for a whole minute... well, maybe not a whole minute, but a long time anyway, and he still wandered off and hacked it up. We called the vet, who reluctantly advised us to reduce the dosage to once every other day. He's doing fine otherwise, we think, so actually we feel pretty good about it, except when we start thinking about it too hard, because that tends to come with a, "But... should we be worried? Maybe we should! Aaaahh!" In the meantime, he's just as hungry as usual, but also just as picky. If he gets hungry enough, he'll eat anyway.

We got all caught up on FullMetal Alchemist today, which is kind of an odd feeling. Like, "What? You mean... we have to wait to see more?" I'm sure we'll survive. In the meantime we have a few other titles to catch up on, plus a whole box set we haven't even laid eyes on (it's still inside the package we got it in).

On a completely random note, I think I figured out why we never really enjoyed choir music. It was Bambi that tipped us off, or rather the DVD extras. One of the extras was the cartoon short The Old Mill, which used to be on the Disney Channel all the time when we were little. Or maybe it was on Disney's Halloween Treat. Whatever it was on, we watched it all the time, despite hating it for being so scary (but we did always like the part with the frogs). Anyway, the mill is attacked by a really scary storm... Come to think of it, that cartoon might be why I've always been afraid of noisy weather. Anyway. The music representing the storm has a choir representing the howling wind. Also, the scary storm part of the song "Drip Drip Drop Little April Shower" has the choir being the wind, too.

The funny thing about it is that I didn't realize wind really howled until we moved into this apartment five years ago. Oh wait, there was some howling wind at the testing center at BYU. But anyway, before that, we didn't think howling wind was a real thing. It was still pretty scary, plowing all the tree branches around though. In southern California, there are a bunch of palm trees, so you can really see how strong the wind is, especially when the Santa Anas came around. I remember one time we got up to go to seminary and we had to take an alternate route because a giant tree branch had been knocked down by the wind and was blocking the road. Pretty scary stuff. So yeah. Choir music = howling wind = scary = don't like. Plus I think they used a choir for the song "Baby Mine" in Dumbo, which we also hated because it was so sad, but constantly watched because it was on one of the Disney Lullaby tapes we had growing up. I think that's what happened.

After that I feel like I should talk about something happy. Not that that was especially unhappy. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for having chocolate to eat later, getting caught up on FMA, having some happy music to listen to, having a ride to church on Sunday (our normal ride is going out of town), and the really pretty picture of Dark on the DN Angel month of our calendar.