November 25th, 2009


Turkey talk

Okay, so in the eyecatch, her name was spelled May, so I guess it's May.

In other news, I was planning to type up an entry whining about how The Princess and the Frog super awesome event starts at Walt Disney Studios today, and we don't have the money to go, but stuff came up and now I have other things to talk about.

First of all, Gaston called and suggested we pool our money to get the CD with all the pictures the official Disneyland photographers took of us at Mickey's Trick-or-Treat. We liked the idea, and we still owed him money for gas after driving us home, so, since he and Alice are in town for Thanksgiving, they stopped by for a few minutes to get the money. We tidied up the living room, but usually we hope nobody's going to go past there. Gaston's full of surprises, though, and he used to live in this complex's sister complex, so he was fascinated by the fact that our unit is exactly the same as his was, only backwards. So he's going all over the place to check it out, and he's like, "Honey, come look at the kitchen!" And we were like, "Shock!"

Actually our kitchen isn't that much of a mess, except for piles of catfood cans that need to be taken out to be recycled. And a cookie sheet that hasn't been washed. We were just really amused, because right as Athena said, "Don't go in the kitchen, it's a mess!" he's going into the kitchen. But he said he's used to worse, so we don't mind it now that we know he won't judge us about it. Alice was very understanding, though, and while Gaston's going on and on about his other apartment, she was like, "Come on, honey, we need to go."

The visit was very brief, but very entertaining, so as soon as they left, even though we were in the middle of a very intense episode of FullMetal Alchemist when they showed up, we were like, "Okay, bored. Let's call somebody and do something." A lot of the boredom actually comes from not having any work to do, which is fun, but we've had so many days off already this year. It makes us a little antsy. Anyway, as it turned out, while we were tidying up the living room, Athena discovered that we had a Build-A-Bear coupon for a free--that's right, free!--animal up to $12 in value.

The coupon expired today! Gasp! So we called Mom, who was too busy, then we called Sarah to take us to Build-A-Bear so we could redeem the coupon before it became worthless. And off we went! And we discovered that their limited edition turkey was exactly $12! Wow! And since the only other animals that caught our attention were more expensive, a turkey is exactly what we got! And they had a gobbling sound! For only a dollar! And we got him a pilgrim hat. I guess it would be more accurate to call it a Puritan hat. Anyway, we got him one. And we got it all for $4.36! Wow! There was also a shirt we could have gotten him that said "Happy Turkey Day," but I don't like it because Thanksgiving isn't about the turkey--it's about giving thanks!

And his name is Terrence Benjamin Franklin. When Athena suggested Terrence, I thought it would be nice to give him a fancy last name, and then I thought of Benjamin Franklin and how he wrote that essay about how the turkey should be the national bird because he hated bald eagles so much. And then Terrence Benjamin had a nice ring to it, so.

So despite our inability to see The Princess and the Frog in Los Angeles, today has been a pretty fun day. We thought about taking Terrence (Athena says we can call him Ter-Ben for short. We're still thinking about it.) to Mom's place for Thanksgiving to show everybody, but then we figured it might be a little cruel to take him somewhere and force him to watch everyone eating another turkey. (Incidentally, as we made our purchase, one of the Build-A-Bear employees talked about... either her granddaughter or her niece... who came in and got a turkey and named it Dinner. Because she loooooves turkey.) So maybe we'll show him off later.

Today I'm thankful for brief and entertaining visits from friends, Build-A-Bear coupons, Sarah being nice enough to drive us, our new friend Terrence (we might end up building a Build-A-Bear Condo Complex if we get any more of these guys), and gobble sounds that only cost a dollar. When we asked the girl if they had one, she said that apparently there was something wrong with the sound, like it was weird or something, but she found one (they only had a few left) and played it, and it was awesome.