November 24th, 2009


Not so productive

Athena was supposed to have been picked up almost twenty minutes ago to go visiting teaching, but there's no sign of her companion yet. We've been checking out various websites in an attempt to kill what we thought was going to be a few minutes waiting for her to get here. So now we're updating Live Journal, hoping that the old tradition of people showing up to interrupt when you start doing something you'd rather not have interrupted still holds. And in the meantime, Square-Enix keeps poking us and saying, "You know you want to play Final Fantasy XI again...!" Of course we want to play Final Fantasy XI again, but we keep thinking of other things we also want to do, and there's never enough time in the day. And here we were looking at pointless websites when we could have been Productive!

...only instead of being productive we probably would have, like, watched more FullMetal Alchemist or something. That series is seriously crazy! Like everything that happens, you're like, "Oh, what!?" And it's fascinating because it's all stuff that you're like, "No way. They can't do that!" But they did! Only they didn't! Or did they!? It's insane.

One very minor complaint, actually, but we've seen it like everywhere so it's not an FMA-specific problem. See, in Japan, they seem to have realized how cool braids are in hair styles, which is really good (we like braids!). But what they don't seem to have realized is that when you tie your hair all together like that, all the individual hairs weigh each other down, so when they have those cool "windy" shots of... Mei... oh right, FUNimation spells it May. Whatever, to me it's Mei. When they have those cool windy shots of her, with her braids all flying around... it just doesn't work like that! Unless the wind is super ultra strong, but that would be reflected in her clothes, and it's not. It's especially frustrating because her hair is extra weighed down by the giant beads holding the braids together at the ends. Sheesh.

So we're like, "Disney needs to get a character who wears braids in their hair. They would do the research to get it right." And we know they would, because they study everything. Unless we're talking about Disney TV or DisneyToon, but it's really best not to let the Twins talk about DisneyToon because... it's just better.

Speaking of Disney animation, I seem to remember having something else to ramble on about involving Bambi, but I can't remember what it is anymore. And yet when we were watching FullMetal Alchemist earlier, I remembered it perfectly. Strange how that works out. Oh well, maybe it's for the best.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a bunch more FullMetal Alchemist, those chocolate cream cookies that look like choco-pan, the Cat Nip accessory in Final Fantasy X-2, Athena's visiting teaching companion showing up, and the missing nose piece from my glasses coming back and being not missing anymore.