November 21st, 2009


Anime geek-out!

I feel like an anime fan again! Wow! Of course I always worry about time management, but I think we're keeping it in moderation. This morning, we remembered something about each episode of Fairy Tail only being available for thirty days after its release on Crunchyroll, so we headed over there to try and make sure we didn't lose any episodes, since we're so far behind on everything we're watching (except for Miracle Train! We caught up on that last week and have kept going! Yay!).

We got as far as Crunchyroll's main page when we were distracted! by the adorableness that is the ad banner for Yume-Iro Patissiere. We saw it and immediately thought, "We have to watch!!" So we did. And then it turned out they weren't going to introduce the boys until the next episode, and we were dying to know if they actually cast men or women to play them. The art style is so cute, we were afraid they would all be played by women, and we are a little sexist about our bishounen voices I'm afraid. Much to our delight, they were all played by guys!

The show itself is actually like really cliche, and so far nothing really stands out about the characters, but we're addicted to it anyway. It's kind of a bittersweet show for us, because we enjoy watching it on the one hand, but on the other they keep showing all these amazing desserts. Maybe it will inspire us to start cooking! ...but I don't think it will. Anyway, I think the addiction comes in the theme of going out and following your dream!, which is one we always like a lot. We're kind of needing to reevaluate our status as far as chasing our own dreams, but this show is a good reminder to try and make some progress. Y'know, as long as we don't spend all our time watching cartoons.

After two episodes, we managed to peel ourselves away from the series and go obtain more chocolate and peanut butter Chex Mix from the 99 Cents Only Store, and then we finally got back to Fairy Tail, and managed to stay strong against the distraction of more Yume-Iro Patissiere. There was some trouble when our internet went out right about halfway through an episode, but we were able to get back to it eventually and now we don't have to worry about losing episodes for another... 18 days? That's a fun show, too. We're watching it for its all-star cast, but it actually does manage to hold our attention well enough even when our favorite voice actors characters aren't doing the talking.

We are intrigued by the Crunchyroll subtitles. It seems like whenever they're not sure how to translate something, they either a)ignore it, or b)make something up. That seems like a pretty good way to hide your ignorance, and probably doesn't effect most people's enjoyment, but oh, the translation of the ending theme song. I would go into it more, but we actually only ever half paid attention to it anyway. Still, even with only half attention, it's easy to tell that the translator doesn't know what the title of the song means. Usually not a problem, but in this case it's repeated several times throughout. Ah well, maybe one day they'll learn. Maybe one day we'll pay attention enough to know exactly what it's referring to and then leave a comment. Maybe one day...

Also! we finally started getting caught up on the new FullMetal Alchemist thing. We're on episode... um... 18! I think? Somewhere around there. We're really liking Ling Yao. We figured we would, since we already knew he was played by Mamoru Miyano♥, but we like him even more than we expected! Actually, to be honest, sometimes Miyano-kun has this "Look at me, I'm acting!" intonation, which we always dislike. Of course, when he does it, it's nowhere near as bad as some dub voices we've heard. I think it probably has to do with the voice director, because he doesn't use it with Tamaki, and you'd totally expect to hear it from him. But anyway, Ling is pretty different from most of the Miyano-kun characters we've heard (first of all, he's not blond. What's up with that?), and he's really fun! And Miyano-kun doesn't use that intonation we don't like for him, possibly because his personality doesn't usually allow for it. So we like him a lot and we're looking forward to seeing more of him. Eventually. When we get back to getting caught up on stuff.

And that concludes our occasional anime geek-out session.

Today I'm thankful for the chance to get out and get some exercise!, all those guys in Yume-Iro Patissiere being played by guys, getting closer to being caught up on our anime, having a good time watching anime, and having a little time to practice being creative.