November 17th, 2009


Fruits Basket and The Little Mermaid

Ha! We finished the fanbook! ...only not really. We finished the first draft of the fanbook. We still have to go through and proofread and stuff. But we've already looked up all the manga pages that are copied inside! ...except for the ones from volume one. We just can't seem to stick in people's memories enough for them to return our books. We considered asking Celeste to pick up a copy of it at the library, but she doesn't work close to the library anymore and she wasn't at Mom's house for dinner on Sunday anyway. Maybe we should, like, use the phone or something. Anyway, if that doesn't work, we may very well resort to just noting all the volume one references indicating that we can't find them because we don't have our own copy. That would be a little awkward, but hey, it's already public knowledge.

On a related note, who can tell us how they spelled the name of that chick in Tsubasa: Those With Wings who made the giant tree? Kayou or Kayo or Kayo with a thing over the O or... And then there's a guy in Phantom Dream who gets mentioned... What was his name? The kanji is "flying good," but I don't think that will help much. Oh never mind, we found it, it's Hira. That one's easy enough. Unless they spelled it with an L for some odd reason. And we just assumed that Eiji is spelled Eiji.

Now as we sit here, opening and closing our Neo Romance desktop calendar to see if we can get it to finally show the guy it hasn't shown us yet, I remember that today is the twentieth anniversary of the day The Little Mermaid came out in theaters (Athena reminded me earlier). That was the first movie that started us realizing that Disney was a company that made good movies. We saw it in theaters, of course, and... let's see what do I remember? Is that when we got in the car afterwards and somebody sat on a bee? (Yes it was, Athena told me, and that somebody was her.)

I remember seeing the commercials on TV before it hit theaters. We had seen an animated version of The Little Mermaid before, so we knew the original version (or a version closer to the original), and we hated it because of the sad ending. But something about those commercials made us think it was going to have a happy ending this time, and she was so pretty, and it just seemed like the kind of thing we'd really like, so we wanted to see it anyway. In fact, it's the first movie I remember wanting to see.

After it came out, we got the soundtrack and listened to it all the time. Mom bought it at Disneyland, and it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but we peeked in the bag when she wasn't looking, saw the tape (it was all on cassette back in those days), and asked if we could listen to it on the way home. Man, we had no sense of... I'm not sure what kind of sense that would have required to not find it, actually. But another side of me says that if it was supposed to be a surprise, Mom should have hidden it better. Anyway. That was also the visit to Disneyland when we met Chip and Dale and Dale tied Athena's braids together. (We both wore our hair in two braids almost every day until we were nine.)

They also made a special Little Mermaid float that they sent out ahead of the parade to promote the movie. They still sort of do that, but I think for The Princess and the Frog they might not, because they have some kind of show for it instead.

But anyway, The Little Mermaid will always hold a special place in our hearts, as the movie that started an obsession. I kind of wish I could be more articulate about it, but I didn't think to do a tribute until right as I was writing this entry.

Today I'm thankful for twenty years of Disney's The Little Mermaid, learning that it's okay to do re-tellings of stories, being done with our first run-through of the fanbook (dun dun DUN), having already looked up almost all of those references, and Natsuki Takaya being asked about video games in the second interview.