November 16th, 2009


Proud Disney Geek

We slept in until about ten this morning, when we got a call from the office telling us there was a package there for us, and that it had been there for a few days. We had no idea, because our mail carrier tends to not leave us any notices. So we were excited, because we thought maybe the check we've been waiting for had finally arrived! But alas, it was just a contract. Though contracts are very important too, so it's still a good thing. On the bright side, when we went to pick up the package, we also reported out heater, and now it's working and we don't have to freeze anymore! Yay!

Yesterday we went to Mom's place for dinner, and, as usual, we started talking about Disney, at which point it was commented that the Disney discussions we have are in much more detail than other places. We didn't think they were all that detailed--I mean, it's not like we start going into who animated which character all the time--but then we were informed that this was in comparison to people who, for example, don't realize that Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are actually two different people. Of course, ignorance and stupidity are two different things, so we can't say that those people are stupid. It just seems very strange to us that someone would grow up without hearing fairy tales. It was an indirect encounter with the unknown.

After dinner, all the female people went into the other room to watch Cinderella, because the male people had to watch the game in HD. It was really fun to watch again, especially since Oreo's been a little bit of a punk lately, so seeing Lucifer was like, "Wow, that's exactly how cats are!" (Of course, it's always like that, but this time it was more pronounced.) For the first time we realized that they actually did address the issue of, "Hey, couldn't the slipper fit on anybody?" You'll have to watch it to see how!

We happened to watch the preview of disc two (we never could understand why the first disc in a two-DVD set would have to have a preview for the second one, but we watched it because we were still in the room with it on and everybody had left temporarily so we had nothing else to do unless we wanted to watch all the ESPN Cinderella stories, but we're like, "Hey, why does everything, including Cinderella, have to be about sports?"), and that, plus watching all the extras on Beauty and the Beast a couple weeks ago, had us in Disney DVD extras mode. So we borrowed the DVD in order to watch the extras at home! ...and then we realized we have about a million other Disney DVDs with their myriad of Backstage Disney extras that we have yet to watch.

We tend to want to favor the DVDs we've had the longest and watch them first, but we couldn't remember which ones we'd had the longest, so we decided to go in chronological order of when the movies first came out and watched Bambi extras instead. (We actually skipped Pinocchio, but that one's on Blu-ray, and we already had the DVD player (non-Blu-ray) hooked up.) And wow, it was amazing to see everything that went into making Bambi. (It's always amazing to see all of the making-of documentaries, actually.) I think this time the background art was the most interesting, because, after they pointed out that it was all painted by an immigrant from China, it was easy to look at the paintings and see the very Chinese art style. But at the same time, all the reference material was footage of forests in Maine, so while the style was Chinese, what we were seeing was definitely American landscapes. It's really neat, so keep that in mind next time you watch Bambi!

Oh! We also got Mom to start playing Kingdom Hearts! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for getting motivated to watch Backstage Disney extras, getting to watch Cinderella last night, getting our heater fixed (it just needed the pilot light lit, but you have to go onto the roof to do it), having time to watch the Milkquarious rock opera tonight, and learning all kinds of awesome things about the making of Bambi.