November 14th, 2009


(sort of) Old School Disneyland

Today has been an interesting day. It was our ward's monthly temple trip! We had mentioned to our home teacher when he came over on Tuesday that we would need a ride, but he said he couldn't take us because he had other plans. But he assured us he'd call around and find somebody. Friday night came around and we hadn't heard anything, so I tried calling a couple of people but they didn't pick up. Later, the phone rings, and it's our home teacher! calling to let us know that they (I'm not entirely sure who "they" are, but he was definitely using plural; I think it might be him and his roommate and acting companion, who also happened to be our home teacher before his mission) hadn't found us a ride yet (acting companion only had a truck--not enough room for two passengers) but they were working on it, and we would! have a ride to the temple this morning.

So this morning comes around and our home teacher shows up... in Renaissance garb! He wasn't going to the temple because he already had plans to go to the Renaissance fair, coincidentally with one of the people we called when we were trying to take care of the problem ourselves. Anyway, they dropped us off, and we were jealous that they got to wear costumes, but we got to go to the temple, so it all worked out. Except that we needed a ride home.

After we finished doing baptisms, we told the bishop we needed a ride home, and thus we ended up riding with him and his wife to In-N-Out (it's tradition to go to In-N-Out after ward baptism sessions). We sat with them at the restaurant, too, which was nice because we like the bishop and his wife, and we hadn't gotten to talk in a while. Somehow, as it always does with us, the conversation turned to Disneyland. It really does manage to sneak in all the time with us. But of course we don't mind♥

The bishop said we probably don't remember his favorite attraction, since it's been gone for so long, and he and his wife both said... something I don't remember. And we actually hadn't heard of it before! It was really weird, like, "There's a ride at Disneyland we didn't know about? How can that happen?" So of course we asked them what it was. Apparently it was a really good date ride, the one where they shrink you.

Aha! We have heard of that one! We just didn't know what it was called. Not only have we heard of it, but we have a story. I don't remember if I've related this story on LJ before or not, because it's very cute and I can't see why I wouldn't have, but maybe it just never came up. And if it has come up before... well I'll just tell it again.

Looooong long ago, when we were three years old, Mom and Dad took us to Disneyland. Mom and Dad liked to take their kids to Disneyland right before they hit the "too old to get in free" mark, which we can't remember because we haven't been able to use it in so long. It was probably around three, anyway. But we went on this ride that shrinks you.

Now, to be honest, most of what we know about this ride comes from TV specials on Disneyland or Disneyland technology or whatever, because we were very very young. What happens is you go into something I think they called an atom-mobile, and you'd go through a microscope and get shrunk down so tiny that you get to go inside a snowflake! (how cool is that!?) and see the molecules and stuff I think.

So we went on this ride when we were about three. At the end, they bring you back to normal size of course, but (and I actually can't speak for myself because I don't remember a thing) Athena missed that part (makes sense; this is really scientific, and we were three), and so for the rest of the day, she couldn't tell if she was normal size again or if she was still shrunk. And since we were three years old, we were so little, everything else was so big, it was really really hard to tell! She doesn't remember figuring out that she was back to normal size, either. She says it was probably something like, "Well, I guess I must be big again, but Mickey Mouse is so big!"

Now that ride is gone, long since replaced by Star Tours (which I really like, by the way). And so the only really good date ride left is the Haunted Mansion. It seems to me that all the "date" rides at Disneyland mostly cater to specific tastes...

And that's our whatever-that-ride-was-called's story. I guess it's not very well structured, but we were three, so...

Today I'm thankful for adorable memories of Disneyland, getting caught up on Miracle Train, getting rides to and from the temple, rediscovering the possibility of Neopolitan milkshakes at In-N-Out (unfortunately not before we ordered; we will have to try them next time!), and getting to chat with the bishop and his wife (every time a friend or relative of ours who used to be in the ward but got married was brought up, Bishop'd ask, "Do they have any kids yet?" XD).
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