November 10th, 2009


This is a test.

There's something that's been on our minds for a while now that I keep forgetting to type about. We've been working on developing an experiment to see if the quality of the translation matters in manga even when the script is going to be adapted into "normal" English.

What we wanted to do was present an adaptation writer with two translations to adapt, one being what we consider to be very good and the other being less good. That was where we ran into our first problem, because we thought it might be awkward to go to someone and say, "Hey, you have just the skill we're looking for! Bad Japanese!" So the idea had to be put on the back burner for a while until we realized, "Oh yeah! We can just ask a machine to do the bad translation!"

But we still have another problem, which will be much harder to overcome. For comparison's sake, it would probably be best if we could have the same dialogue adapted by the same person--that way the quality of the dialogue and the quality of the adaptation is guaranteed to be the same. The problem is that we have no way of giving the adaptation writer amnesia for adapting the first script. If they remember the first script, that could easily affect how they adapt the second script, since it would be a translation of the same bit of dialogue. I think that problem might be just about impossible to overcome. But maybe it's possible to at least lessen the effect to its very minimum... which would hopefully be extremely small?

So then the question is this: are any of you rewriters out there (or any non-rewriters who think they could do it) willing to volunteer for this experiment? And if so, do you think you could adapt the same dialogue twice without letting memories of the first adaptation sneak into the second one? (Obviously some bits will end up the same, since it will be from the same dialogue, but still.) Incidentally, we want to do this for our Manga Life column, so it's not like we're just doing it for our own personal satisfaction.

In other news, we had to up Oreo's dosage back. We're hoping three-fourths will be okay, because that's what we decided to go with instead of the whole thing. We're also not entirely convinced that his vomiting last night was a symptom caused by too little medicine. He seemed really excited when we got out of bed to clean it up, and then he was excited again when I woke up at three in the morning to go to the bathroom. We think he might be really lonely and/or bored at night. If we had money, we would so be more proactive on this "getting a new cat" thing.

Today I'm thankful for the vet being just a phone call away, getting leftover rolls from the dinner last night, having more of those wafer cookies than we thought, having a new Classic Composers CD to listen to while we index names tonight, and the cute Christmas decal that came with the latest Disney Movie Club mailer thingie.