November 7th, 2009


Astro Boy!

Oreo's checkup went very well yesterday, and as of last night we are weaning him off the Prednisolone! This makes us very very happy. We're a little nervous about his symptoms coming back, but so far he's doing fine.

While we were waiting for the doctor, another person came in with a little kitty that was meowing like crazy. Oreo heard it and seemed to want to go find that cat, but we don't know if it was because he's desperate for companionship (which doesn't make quite as much sense, because he's seen other cats at the vet before) or because he wanted to help a fellow cat in distress. He's such a good kitty. We are still wanting to get another cat, but we're also still having a hard time seeing any and going, "That's the one!" Also, we currently have no money.

But more importantly, yesterday we saw Astro Boy and it was amazing and wonderful, and we're a little sad we used our free movie tickets on it, because it totally deserves our financial support. If we had money, we'd go see it again.

I think this would be a good movie to go into without knowing a thing about it, because then the shocking stuff will be more like, "Whoa, did they really just do that!?" Though on the other hand, I guess most anime fans would probably have heard a little bit about the premise of Astro Boy. But on the other hand, we only knew the premise of Astro Boy because we recently did that Crunchyroll thing that talks a bunch about Osamu Tezuka's other works, and we did a little reading up on things. So anyway, for those of you who insist on knowing what it's about... Collapse )

In sum, it's an awesome movie, and if you were thinking about seeing it but weren't sure you wanted to, you should definitely go see it! And if you didn't even realize it existed but like good family entertainment, you should definitely go see it!

When we walked over to Office Depot to get ink for our printer back when we walked to Office Depot to get ink for our printer, they had DVDs of the series on sale for only ten dollars! We were ready to go right over there and buy one today! except that we really are out of money, and it's really kind of sad. Also, since the series was on... Fox or the WB or something like that, we realized the DVDs might not have a Japanese track, which would be sad. So we'll check, and if they don't, we'll go shopping around other places where we can get the Japanese track.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Astro Boy, getting to wean Oreo off of his medicine, getting to spend time with Celeste and Sarah last night, crunchy Reese's at the 99cents Only Store, and the adorableness of Astro.