October 31st, 2009


Still busy busy busy

I'm really not sure how much time I have here. The haunted house is supposed to open at four today, which technically means we're supposed to be there before that to get ready, and it's almost three now. It's like there's no time to do anything at all today. We try to sleep in... okay, so I guess that sleeping late would actually diminish the amount of time for anything else, but it was important because we haven't really been able to sleep in for like a month. But then solicitors call before nine o'clock. I really should have said I don't give anything to anybody before nine am on a Saturday and hung up, but I was so tired I didn't think of it. They would have called back at a later time, so it wouldn't have been so bad... but it would have been mean. Oh well, it doesn't matter how okay or not okay it would have been to do it now because I didn't do it anyway and it's already not been done.

Apparently I'm in a bit of a rambly mood.

We also took some extra time out to walk to Little Caesar's to get a pizza. So what I want to do now, assuming we have any time, is get back to reading manga, so we won't have to spend time when we could be translating on reading instead. We promised we'd get the summary in on Monday, and we're going to get it in on Monday, darnit! ...And Han just called about the haunted house. When he asked what time we wanted to go to the haunted house, I was tempted to say six, but we want to be more helpful than that! So I better finish this up so we can get dressed and maybe have time to read more manga.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read the next volume of that certain series (it's probably okay to just say it, but... oh well), not having epilepsy, hopefully getting to have a little extra fun tonight by using the twin thing to mess with people's heads, being almost done for a while with the having to leave Oreo for extended periods of time, and those peanut butter cookies we ate this morning not being too stale after having been abandoned while we were at Disneyland. We meant to eat them, but things got really crazy at the last minute, so we missed our chance.