October 21st, 2009


I don't know what to call this entry!

Lately, whenever I come to post on LJ, it asks if I want to restore from saved draft. That would make sense if I came and started a post and didn't finish it, but as it is... I'm just confused.

Anyway. The fanbook (dun dun DUN) is progressing at a decent speed, but is still very daunting. We're not as close to the Adventure Game as we had hoped, but it doesn't matter anyway because! volume 27 of Negima! arrived via UPS today (and it has a really cute cover), so we'll be starting on that tomorrow. We already checked the lexicon and joy of joys, it is only three pages long. Of course, one of those pages is like a solid wall of kanji. The entire page is filled with just one paragraph, which probably means there's a long quote that we may need to do our sort of half-translate, half-look-up thing for, which is the hardest thing there is in these lexicons, but at least it's only for one thing. And we knew it was coming, because the end of the last volume told us they'd be introducing a new artifact.

There's no news on the kitty front, but we are already making plans to feed the new cat things like milk or tuna juice with a syringe, in case the day comes when we'll have to give it medicine. If we can get it to associate syringes with good happy things, it will be less afraid of them. On the other hand, Oreo's been really good about not running away until after we give him medicine these days. I don't know if that's because of inertia or what.

This morning we found out the Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and we are super excited. And also concerned about our finances. But we're really hoping we'll be able to get it. I'm also hoping it won't take us long to get through FF10-2 again, because we're already planning on interrupting other new games (assuming we can afford them when they come out) for the new Kingdom Hearts. We might end up with quite a backlog of unfinished games if we're not careful.

And now Oreo has come to pin Athena to her chair, perhaps to remind us that we still haven't watched episode three of Miracle Train. So off we go!

Today I'm thankful for getting new manga to translate, three-page short lexicons, Oreo not running away until after we give him his medicine, having time to watch Miracle Train right now, and getting to watch America's Next Top Model tonight. We like Nicole; she reminds us of Luna Lovegood, only not blonde.