October 14th, 2009


Carlton strikes again!

So we got a phone call this afternoon. We had a recheck for Oreo scheduled for today at three, but that appointment was made before things got serious, so I called the vet and we decided to let the kitty relax at home for a few days before going back (the doc said two weeks, but if we get paranoid, we might take him back as early as Friday). The phone call came at about the time we would be at the vet with Oreo, so I wondered if it might be another call from veterinarian type people. But it wasn't.

It was a solicitor, asking for donations. These are pretty common, but this was another one that asked for me to contribute seventy dollars, just like last year. Normally I just say, "I did NOT donate seventy dollars!" and they ask for a smaller amount, but as the guy was doing his spiel about "all the money goes to..." and all that, I started thinking. Since this wasn't the first time I'd been asked to make the same seventy dollar donation I did last year, I wondered if it was a ploy to catch me not listening, and get me to agree to a higher amount than before. I considered letting it go, but I decided I didn't want to donate to an organization that would lie to me to get my money, so I started to ask the guy about it.

When I repeated, by way of explanation, that I didn't make any seventy dollar donation, he said, "We have it on record right here. It was either you or your husband." "I'm not married, so I know it wasn't my husband." And he asked about Carlton. This is now the second time a solicitor has suggested that my husband Carlton made a donation without my knowledge, and what I want to know is who in the world is Carlton and why on earth do these people think I'm married to him?

...And now we just did a quick Google search and found out that there is a Carlton with our same last name who's a cardiologist near Oakland. That would explain how he's able to make seventy dollar donations. And it's also incredibly bizarre. Okay, so it's not really all that bizarre, but still.

Anyway. We finished our rush job today, so I guess we'll be getting back to the fanbook (dun dun DUN) tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our rush job, getting to do laundry today, it not raining today (it's always harder to do laundry when it's raining), still having leftover chocolate, and Brother H offering to drive us to the vet if we needed a ride (for the appointment we rescheduled, eheh; but we're still grateful).