October 9th, 2009


Host Club and Fruits Basket and pet ERs

Today has been certainly a day. As I mentioned yesterday, Oreo wasn't done getting his IV fluids, so we had to take him in this morning. This was a problem because Celeste was working, Mom was super super busy, Sarah didn't pick up her cell phone, and while we had asked Han if Leia might be kind enough to drive us the night before (he had called about a haunted house endeavor), he completely forgot. Fortunately, the second time I called him, he picked up and apologized for forgetting, then asked Leia if she would drive us to the vet. Our plan was to drop Oreo off, hang out and watch anime at our place until he was done, and then go pick him up and Leia could keep watching anime with us or go home, whatever she wanted to do.

So after we dropped Oreo off, we started watching Host Club♥ We figured we'd have time for a few episodes, and then we'd pick up our kitty. But it wasn't long before the vet called. Oreo was still vomiting, and the vet wanted to do a barium test thingie to see if there was something wrong with his stomach. Of course we gave the go ahead and continued to watch Host Club. And watch Host Club. And watch Host Club. This, in and of itself, was not an issue, and was of course very entertaining for all. But when we're waiting for the vet to call and we've made it through thirteen episodes, we get concerned. But I hadn't asked how long it would take, so.

As a side note, we watched the dub out-takes, and while we're usually not too bothered by name mispronunciations, their pronunciation of Hikaru really grated. I think it's because we get the feeling they're like, "See? We can pronounce the names!" and then pronouncing them wrong. But the thing about the name Hikaru is that most Americans would emphasize the "ka," which is actually a lot closer to the right way than emphasizing the "hi," which is what they were doing. So our theory is that the only way to pronounce "Hikaru" in a drastically different way is to think you're pronouncing it right.

Anyway. Since we only own the first half of Host Club with subtitles, we moved on to Fruits Basket. We were a little worried, because not everybody can handle super long anime marathons, but Leia was thoroughly enjoying it, despite the fact that I was so worried about Oreo I was convinced I was dragging down the mood of the room. I'm glad I was wrong.

Right at the end of the first disc, the doctor finally called. Oreo was still vomiting, and the barium test (they make them drink a barium thingie, and that makes the shapes of the stomach and intestines more obvious in x-rays) showed that there was something going on with his intestines. But we don't know what. At this point, Oreo's in critical condition, as he hasn't eaten anything in like forever, so the doctor told us to take him to this Veterinary Emergency Service place so they can keep him overnight and give him his fluids.

Leia was an angel about driving us all over the place. The VES place was a little bit scary at first, but they turned out to be very nice there. The doctor had a lot of ideas about what was wrong, and most of them were treatable! But of course we can't rule out cancer. After Mimsy's death and this whole week, we're pretty much prepared for anything. This time, our regular doctor, who got us upset when he said he didn't think Mimsy was going to heal, said he was going to be optimistic this time, and I think it would be good if this shows him that positive thinking (aka faith) really works.

In the meantime, while we feel really sorry for Oreo, having to be away from home and surrounded by strangers and everything, we're relieved to know that he's in good hands. If we had to take care of him, we would be at such a complete loss. The nurse at the VES place said that they baby all the animals there, and they give very detailed instructions on what to do when they discharge them, so we're also confident that when we get Oreo back, we'll know how to take care of him, which is another relief.

After we dropped Oreo off, we stopped by Little Caesar's where Leia bought a couple of pizzas, then it was back to our apartment, where Leia proved that she wasn't anxious to get away by asking if we could watch more Fruits Basket. That was also a relief. And happy, because I was sad to stop right before Momiji showed up.

Today I'm very thankful for Leia being kind enough to spend her lazy day (Fridays are her lazy days) with us, Oreo being in good hands, people who work the overnight shifts at ER places, getting to watch lots of shojo anime with a friend, and that same friend being amused (and not annoyed) at our exasperation over subtitles.