October 7th, 2009


Interesting times

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On a happier note, as we were walking back up the stairs to our apartment, our neighbors told us we just missed the UPS lady, and if we ran, we might be able to catch her. We were still carrying Oreo, so we didn't want to stress about it, and we didn't have to because she drove by right then. So we took time out to eat lunch and stuff and then went to the office to pick it up. It was from TokyoPop, and it was a copy of Me & My Brothers 11! Yay! It'll be a while before we work on it, though, because we have a fan book to translate first.

I was just a teeny tiny bit sad that it wasn't money for something we translated, because Red Robin's has two new burgers, for a limited time only, and one of them has cheese sticks on it! (It's aptly named the "Wise Guy Burger.") We love cheese sticks, and Red Robin's makes really good ones, and now they're on a burger! We have to try it! But we and all our sisters are currently a little too poor to go eat in a restaurant. But if we can just get those checks...

Also! While we were waiting for Oreo to get his blood work done, we started out killing time by checking out what cats they had for adoption. Of course they always have the most adorable kitties, but one of them was a Siamese tiger, and he was gorgeous. We're still thinking we don't want to adopt another cat right now, but if we did... I got a picture of him! But I'm too lazy to upload it right now.

Now I guess we better see if we can get some work done.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being willing to drive out here from aaaaaaall the way across town to take us to the vet (Mom was too busy), having anti-nausea medicine for Oreo, getting to go to Hancock Fabrics (another way we killed time while waiting) and get bias tape for elastic casing for our costumes, the idea of the Wise Guy Burger, and getting shiny manga from UPS.