October 6th, 2009


To the vet yet again

We spent all last night and part of this morning agonizing over whether or not we should really take Oreo to the vet. I think after Mimsy, I have this weird fear that taking a cat to the vet will give them cancer. But we couldn't deny that we had noticed some things that might be problems, and so we decided to call and see if we could talk it out with the nurse. As it turned out, I was too nervous (because of being on the phone) to steer the conversation at all, and I ended up just making an appointment. Just as well to get some peace of mind.

And as it turns out, it was a reeeeeally good thing we made that appointment! Collapse )

Long story short, we saved Oreo from surgery. So we got some ear-cleaning stuff and a prescription diet for him, because he's apparently in desperate need of fiber. He never would eat dry food. That goes back to when he was a kitten and we had to put him on wet food for some reason. Oh right, that probably had something to do with the surgery from when he swallowed a needle. Anyway, hopefully he'll be a sport and not ignore the food just because it's all the same flavor.

In other news, we watched Miracle Train, which was awesome (if you like girly stuff, which we do), and The Little Mermaid III, which was definitely not. I was planning to rant all about it, but then we went to the vet.

Today I'm thankful for catching treatable problems early, Miracle Train, our work day being over so we don't have to worry about kunkaisho anymore for a while (if anyone happens to know what it is...), the current prescription food being less expensive than the prescription food we had Oreo on before, and not having to give Oreo medicine. Though we're not sure how the ear-cleaning will go...