September 3rd, 2009


Feeling better

The drugs have worn off, Mimsy's calmed down, we've calmed down, everybody's calmed down. We still don't have the test results, but thanks to everyone's support here and getting to talk to a few people on the phone last night, we're generally feeling better about things. We've been taking it easy today and letting Mimsy relax, too. She's currently hiding under the bed.

But in other news, lyschan informed us yesterday that TokyoPop is restarting a bunch of their previously on-hiatus titles, and one of them is Nosatsu Junkie! (Should we be concerned that we're not up on the news of one of the companies we work for?) This is very exciting! Now the volume 8 that's been sitting, sad and alone, on our to-be-translated shelf may actually get to serve its purpose! In the meantime, it's also come to our attention that we might want to resend the last script we thought we'd turned in. But yay! Umi and Naka! And Pick of the Litter is coming back too! We already finished translating that one, but we're glad they'll be putting those translations to use. Plus, we liked the series a lot, so we want everyone else to be able to enjoy all of it, too.

In other exciting news, while we were chilling out and reading manga, there was a knock at the door (which is why Mimsy is now hiding under the bed). It was UPS! ...with only one of the manga packages we ordered. But! it was the one with Saiyuki and Berry Berry! Both of them are very pretty and pink. (Saiyuki is less pink than Berry Berry, but it is covered in cherry blossoms.) So I think we'll be sitting down to read more manga later tonight, and we'll start our own personal translation of Saiyuki tomorrow. Since we don't have any other projects yet.

Hm, it looks like we have a bunch of exciting things to look forward to, but since we're still kind of looking forward to them, all we can say about them is, "How exciting!" But we are staring at the cover of Berry Berry and thinking, "Yeah, those costumes should be easy enough to make. Except for the pleated skirts. Pleats are annoying. Good thing Mom just recently got a pleater. Mwahaha." So first we have to make them, and then someone has to get Banri Hidaka to a convention. Preferably one we're already budgeting for.

In other kitty news, Oreo has taken over the laptop. Athena will bring it in and set it up on the floor when we're indexing names, and then when we're done, she'll close it and leave it there. And it seems to be Oreo's new favorite bed♥ Or pillow, anyway. He's posing most adorably right now, but alas, the camera's battery is charging. I did get a couple pictures of it already, but I like his current pose best so far. Oh well.

And in random, kind of amusing news, today we got High School Musical from Netflix. After we found out the Japanese dub cast, we decided it was about time we watch it and see for ourselves if it deserves all the hype, or if Celeste and Sarah are right about it (they both hate it). And at any rate, rumor has it our cousin is in the second one, and we're kind of curious to see that. But we can't watch the movies out of order, even if we end up hating them.

Today I'm thankful for calming influences, getting more shiny new manga!, manga coming off of hiatus, having Chex Mix again, and finally being able to talk to the king in Atelier Elie.