August 26th, 2009


Time for more pictures!

It's getting more and more difficult to lure Mimsy out of hiding for her medicine. Eventually she's going to realize that if she really doesn't want medicine, all she has to do is stay put in the farthest corner under the bed. Hopefully she realizes the medicine is good for her. This time, the description on the label says it's for wounds, abscesses, and dental infections. That sounds like just the thing to help! which is probably why the doctor accidentally gave it to us last time. So we're pretty optimistic, except for the constant fear of food getting caught in the wound, but we might go back to PetSmart tonight to get some gravy catfood topping.

In other news, we got an e-mail pointing out a mistake in our math analogy for this week's column. This is even after we made sure to change our mistake about the derivative of x cubed, and thus we learn to be really really careful about making analogies based on things we learned about ten years ago. We were really mad at the guy at first, but we're over it now. Still, I thought about using the opportunity to rant about smart people and know-it-alls, but I think instead it's time for more Anime Expo photos.

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Whew, that's a lot of pictures. And we still have more! We really did take a lot of pictures this year, wow.

Today I'm thankful for finding two amazingly helpful mahjong websites, having cash already withdrawn from our bank account with which to buy groceries while they hold our check, surprise cosplay photo ops, cosplayers being kind enough to follow my orders, and anime streaming.