August 24th, 2009


Decisions, decisions

We were just working like usual, and suddenly it was quitting time! Time flies when you're translating horror manga, I guess.

We need to get our page translated for the Return of the Literal Translation for our column very soon, but we're having a really hard time deciding what series to translate from. I was thinking of using I Hate You♥, in honor of Berry Berry coming out (and to give us a chance to say that we'd really really really like to translate Berry Berry), but with all text and no pictures, Hidaka-sensei manga might be hard enough to follow as it is. We might want something that could be followed with dialogue alone, assuming the translation were normal. Of course, I Hate You♥ could work anyway... Hmm...

Other choices include Saiyuki Reload, DN Angel, The Candidate for Goddess... maybe My Heavenly Hockey Club, or Negima! if we're feeling really crazy (lots of text, but in an easy to follow format). Gakuen Alice is probably not a good idea. Unless it would be better to choose something that would be confusing in a normal translation without pictures? I don't know!

Anyway, we don't have much time, because we happened to be watching Disney XD on Saturday and saw a commercial for their H.E. Double Hockey Sticks movie, starring Will Friedle and Matthew Laurence (we think it's Matthew. Who were the others? Joey... definitely not Joey... and... Andrew? No, I don't think it's Andrew. The one who's friends with Will Friedle.), and it's on in about fifteen minutes. But Athena resized a bunch of pictures while I was practicing the piano, so I thought we should post a few.

...Except that Photo Bucket is taking a long time (for some reason it only lets me upload through the bulk uploader, which, despite ostensibly being faster, is actually quite slow for us). But we'll come back after the movie and post some photos then!

Today I'm thankful for getting a check in the mail today! (we might have to wait to deposit it before ordering manga though...), making good progress on work today, the weather cooling down, knitting needles, and telephones.

As promised!

The movie (and Jeopardy!) is over. It was dumb, but we had to stick with it to the end, because we're like that. It helped us realize why couch potatoes eat so much--TV is boring.

Also, Mimsy had a bit of blood dripping from her mouth, which had us freaking out for a while. But the vet is closed on Mondays, and we figured she probably won't bleed to death, so we're going to call in the morning and see about taking her in. She seems fine now, but she was vigorously scratching at her mouth earlier, poor girl.

Anyway, I promised pictures, which is the whole reason we're back to begin with! Collapse )

And we have a bunch more, but we don't want to slow computers down with too many pictures all at once. So tadah!

Now we have to see about writing a column.