August 22nd, 2009


Corda break

We had decided to play Corda all day until we finished (it's actually a really short game, so we were pretty sure it wasn't going to take all day), but after we broke for lunch, Oreo took over the game controller, and we only have one for the PS3. Athena says he's off of it by now, and she's probably right... and hey, there he is! but now's as good a time as any to update Live Journal, right?

Or it would be, if there was anything worth posting about. The mail did not bring with it the ability to order manga, so we're a little sad. But in completely unrelated news, Athena's been working on a logo for our fictitious business! (We're very slowly working on maybe someday getting a website up, and we figure a logo would help. Plus they're neat.) She's got a few different ideas drawn up, so we're going to post them at some point and see which one people like the best, but we're too lazy to get that ready now. That, and I think I'll want to make that post friends-locked, because we don't want anybody stealing our logo before we get a chance to use it. Right, that was another reason we wanted to post them before choosing one--we wanted to make sure we didn't accidentally come up with something that's already being used. So more on that later.

We've realized lately that we're kind of starved for attention right now, but we're entirely clueless on how to go about fixing that problem. We don't want to force people to pay attention to us, after all, because that would only make them avoid us, thus resulting in less attention overall. I guess we should go hang out on FaceBook or something. Join some groups in Square-Enix Members. We're thinking about frequenting the Japanese version of the site, because that will accomplish the same goals as the North American site, only it will also help us practice our Japanese. Plus we'll be able to get more points, since we started buying so many imports. And maybe we'll find someone we can link up with to play Dissidia or 358/2 Days! ...assuming we can get up the nerve to join groups and talk to people. It's hard being a shy person who wants attention! (Incidentally, if anybody reading this entry has Dissidia or 358/2 Days (Japanese or domestic), please comment! (rady?) We're not sure if the Japanese version can link up with the American one (I think 358/2 Days is out Stateside by now, or will be soon), but we're interested in finding out.)

And despite all this whining about wanting attention, what I really want to do right now is go finish up that game of Corda. So I think we're going to go do that.

Today I'm thankful for making progress in our Corda notebook, the nice cloudy weather today, Oreo relinquishing his hold on the PS3 controller (hopefully the fact that we don't see him right now doesn't mean he's taken it back), getting to watch Super Nanny last night, and having things to look forward to.