August 17th, 2009


Too lazy to think of a title

It's official! We have been let go from the Kieli novel series. We were actually prepared for this eventuality, so we're not too broken up about it. We are a little sad, because we really liked Kieli, but on the other hand, prose is really really really hard, and really really really time consuming. So there's also a gigantic feeling of relief and excitement at all the time we've now had freed up. To be honest, after we got the bad news about volume three, and we processed it all and got over the gloom, what we most wanted to happen was to be taken off the novels and given some manga to work on. We kind of got what we wanted, because we got the go ahead for one more manga book, but we were hoping for a series. Whine whine whine. Ah well, beggars can't be choosers.

Of course, now we're going to have to figure out when we're going to take turns reading the novels in our free time, but it will still take a lot less time.

In other news, Mimsy has been revoked of all tuna privileges. Well, not really, but we decided to give up on mixing her medicine with it. Last night was the grandest adventure we've had yet. She was refusing to take the medicine with the tuna juice, so we thought maybe if we let her drink it from a bowl instead of a syringe she'd cooperate better. But she still refused, and in the meantime Oreo wanted the tuna juice, but he couldn't have it because it had medicine in it, so we're trying to hold Mimsy down and get her to drink, while at the same time keeping Oreo away. In the meantime, Athena was going back and forth trying to deal with the syringe that got dropped in the tuna juice, and she stepped on the nail that's sticking out of the floor in the doorway to the kitchen (if we had a hammer, we'd fix that problem; in the meantime we just dodge it). She hasn't shown any signs of tetanus yet, so we think she's okay now, but apparently it was very very painful. So we decided that if Mimsy wasn't going to drink the medicine anyway, she might as well not drink the medicine that's easiest for us to prepare.

And Oreo is eating dried flowers that his body can't handle, when we keep telling him not to. We'd throw them away, but we can't quite find them. (Just kidding; Athena went and found them while I was typing.) In the meantime, we're just really hoping that the reddish color that came out of his mouth is from the food he was eating and not from blood. (Sorry for the TMI.)

Man, this entry is so gloomy. I know! I'll talk about the girl who spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday. She just got back from serving a Spanish-speaking mission in Chicago. She said she really loved Chicago, because in the summer it was hot and humid and everyone looked like they wanted to kill each other, but her mission president wanted them to always go out with a smile, so that's what they did. And she told about how she'd go knocking on doors, and the people would open them and be like, "What do you want, china?" (China means "Chinese girl.") And she would be like, "I'm not Chinese." Which is true; she's Hmong. And they'd say, "Oh yeah, what are you?" And she'd say, "I'm... Mexican." So they'd let her and her companion in, and by the time they found out she wasn't really Mexican, it was too late, because they'd already felt the Spirit.

Maybe you had to be there.

Today I'm thankful for having lots more free time, knowing for sure what we're supposed to do about Kieli, getting to work on that TokyoPop title we're not sure has been announced yet today, getting to go ahead on that series for Yen Press, and fun mission stories.