August 13th, 2009


This and that

We just read a fantastic speech about the power of virtue and the need for chastity, given at the World Congress of Families V in Amsterdam, and wanted to share it.

It's slightly ironic though, because of the first postworthy thing that happened to us after we updated yesterday. Or maybe it's not ironic, because our reaction sort of helped prove the point a little maybe?

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We did eventually manage to stop giggling every time a battle started.

Later today will be Mimsy's checkup with the vet. She's still drooling, so we're pretty sure she's not fully healed yet, but we do think the medicine is working maybe. But that's also kind of scary, because if we have to keep giving her medicine... The thought is less than pleasant. We have figured out how to avoid scratching, but instead, Mimsy starts drooling as soon as the medicine gets near her mouth, and it makes a big mess. Hopefully the vet will be able to help with that, too.

And tomorrow! we get to see Ponyo! We actually weren't planning to see it in theaters (that whole anti-dub thing), but we decided it's more important to support hand-drawn animation. Also it was a great opportunity to call our Disneyland associates and figure out when we can go down there again. So we're pretty excited.

Incidentally, we went out with Mom and Steve and his kids the other day, and we mentioned Ponyo, and Kimee said, "Oh I want to see that!" And we think, "Yay! People want to see it!" And she's like, "Frankie Jonas and Noah Cyrus are in it!" And we're like, "*shock!*" But we decided not to care, because it doesn't matter what reason they're seeing it for--if they see it and like it, then maybe hand-drawn animation can make a comeback.

Today I'm thankful for Sarah being kind enough to drive us to the vet today, having plans to see Ponyo, clever ploys to get more people to see hand-drawn animated films, having a break from giving Mimsy her medicine this morning (we ran out; the doctor only gave us the "let's see if this works" amount of medicine), and having plenty of time to watch Night Head Genesis today.