August 12th, 2009


One more event report

Today ended up accidentally being a half-day at work. We were doing stuff after lunch and Mimsy usurped my chair! We're convinced she was taking revenge for all the medicine we've been giving her, especially after the dirty dirty trick we played on her yesterday morning. She was hiding under the bed, out of reach, and so the most efficient way to get her out was to lure her out. But we didn't have any treats, so Athena shook a bag of M&Ms, because it makes roughly the same sound as a bag of cat treats. And instead of treats, Mimsy got medicine. When we went grocery shopping last night, we bought some treats to make up for the evil trick, but somehow they disappeared! We think they fell out in Mom's car, or maybe we missed them when we were bagging stuff, but either way, they're not here, and thus Mimsy remains treatless.

Anyway, we decided we weren't in a hurry on Night Head Genesis, so why not play video games? And so we did. Yay!

Now, back to the conference report!

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And that pretty much covers what we remember from the conference. After that, we took our time getting out of the church, picking up some extra pink lanyards as we went, and came home, where we watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and got inspired for this week's Manga Life column.

Incidentally, if anybody's interested in temples, there's a website with information on all of them around the world right here!

Today I'm thankful for being almost out of medicine for Mimsy (though we might end up getting more tomorrow), getting a work order from TokyoPop, finally getting to deposit some money in our account yesterday, really cool stories about temples, and having cinnamon donuts.