July 31st, 2009


Slacking again

I have one pre-written section of the con report left before I have to *gasp!* actually write stuff. I think this section is actually a little short (it only covers one panel), but we've been lazy and wanting to slack off all day, but forcing ourselves to work anyway. So I'm going to indulge and not push myself to write more con report. That can wait until tomorrow when we haven't been working all day.

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And now it's time to goof off while we wait to find out if we're going to have that DDR party tonight or not. I called Mom twice today but couldn't get through either time. I just hope we manage to find out before dinner, because otherwise they'll probably show up to pick us up right after I put it in the oven.

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet Bill Farmer, getting to meet Mr. Space Mountain, a chance encounter (by which I mean we were standing around waiting for people to get their annual passport stuff taken care of and it was staring at us the whole time) with a Disneyland souvenir stand that caused us to buy an autograph book which I've since been carrying around in the fanny pack for no particular reason (Athena thinks the reason is that is fits inside) thus giving us something for the awesome voice actors to sign, it being cool enough at night for opening the windows to make a difference, and now being free to goof off.