July 29th, 2009


Veterinary appointments and more con reports

Thanks to a link from badtzphoto, it looks like the identity theft was related to the con report. Go figure.

Mimsy's vet appointment went pretty much as expected. It's looking like the problem is from very bad teeth, so we scheduled her for a dental exam. She might need to get the teeth pulled, sadly, but not all of them. The doctor estimated two extractions, but we can't be sure until the exam is done. And the worst part of it is that the first dental opening they had isn't for another eight days, so all yesterday, I was really worried about Mimsy and oh no, is she in pain, is it getting worse? Aaaaahhhh! And I may have to go through that for a while.

Sometimes, the veterinarian is a little like that pessimist kid in Kindergarten Cop. You know, "Ugh, I have a headache..." "Maybe it's a tumor." "It's not a tumor!" Whenever we take the cats in, they suspect it might be cancer. That's probably a good thing to do, because then you can catch it early, but it does make for some heart-stopping moments. Yesterday, the doctor looked into Mimsy's mouth and explained that the drooling, especially because it's smelly drool, could either be caused by an infection or a tumor. Athena was confident that it's bad teeth, but I jumped at the word "tumor." I don't know if the doctor noticed it, but he immediately added, "I didn't see any tumors." But we did see some very bad teeth.

Anyway, we have a con report to copy and paste.

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It is so nice to already have that ready, especially because our time is short today, as for some reason today is the day someone from church called and asked if we want a ride to the Relief Society activity. We're a bit reluctant about it, because we just started the Edgeworth game yesterday and it's fantastic and amazing, but we're going anyway! Watch us not shy away from social interaction! Ha!

Today I'm thankful for still having time for video games today, oh my gosh this game is all about Edgeworth, super awesome panels of Disney animators, standing thiiiiiis close to (somebody we think was probably) John Lasseter, and interesting panels in unexpected places.