July 28th, 2009


Identity theft and con reports (not related)

No rest for the weary, I tell you. After we finished at LJ last night, we went to transfer money from savings to checking to make sure we didn't overdraft on the Comic Con hotel, and we discovered that our identity had been stolen! Someone bought $900 worth of stuff at a sporting website, and that certainly wasn't us. So I immediately called the account fraud number (we've had it on hand for a while, since they'd often cancel our CD Japan and Play Asia purchases) and put in a claim. We caught it pretty fast, and we're confident that it will all work out, so it's really more amusing than anything else. But in the meantime, we have almost no money.

The no money thing is a bit of a problem, because Mimsy developed some kind of drooling problem a few weeks ago, and now that we're back from Comic Con, we want to take her in. But Mimsy's not on a Wellness Plan like Oreo is, so we'll have to pay for her visit. Nevertheless, we're worried enough about her (it can't be fun to always have wet or sticky fur all over your chest) that we scheduled an appointment anyway. We'll be taking a credit card.

Also today, we turned in our Negima! 26 translation, e-mailed Viz, and wrote a column! So productive, the very day after our loooooong trek from San Diego. And now, as promised, the beginning of our con report!

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Wow, we just noticed that everything I typed up on Sunday is 11 pages long, and I didn't even finish the report! We found what we thought was a decent break in the narrative. Scrolling up, it doesn't seem as long as my normal con report pieces, but... more to look forward to in the future? Or you can be happy that I'm not taking up more of your time.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for having already typed up a good deal of the report, fast-acting account fraud people (if only we had a fax machine...), Sarah taking us to the vet later, bike cabs, and encouraging encounters with manga publishing representatives.