July 27th, 2009


Jiggity jig.

Here I was so excited because I actually started typing up a con report yesterday, which I could then copy and paste so that I could start the con reporting as soon as we got to updating LJ! ...but it's aaaaaaaaall the way in the other room. In the luggage and everything. So I think it's going to wait until tomorrow after all.

But anyway, we're back from San Diego Comic Con. It was fun, cool stuff happened, and now we're back and we're still alive. And Mom took very good care of the kitties.

Today I'm thankful for making it back safely, no longer being on any kind of mode of transportation (it's a loooooong way from San Diego), Mom taking such good care of our kitties, finally getting the contracts we were waiting for, and getting to eat a nice yummy Freschetta pizza after living off of snack chips and granola bars all weekend.