July 18th, 2009


Back in hiding

We made it back alive! Not that we really did anything that would have suggested otherwise. Some people mentioned seeing a horse-dog, though. (Meaning a dog the size of a horse.)

We spent the night at the apartment of a girl in our ward last night. It was pretty much just a nice little get-together thing, where we stayed up talking. People learned the hula for a thing they want to do for the talent show coming up, and then people painted toenails. We... didn't participate in any of that stuff due to lack of interest (well, the hula thing was kind of interesting, but we weren't really interested in, like, moving), but the conversation was fun. We didn't really talk about anything in particular, but sometimes that's the best kind of conversation to have.

On the not-so-bright side, we ended up staying up so late that we didn't get back here until almost four! Gasp! But we watched a movie we'd never seen before, which was pretty good. Then again, we thought Maid in Manhattan was pretty good the first time we saw it, so I don't know if we'd maintain that opinion, but it was amusing, and it was worth watching once, for sure. (French Kiss, in case anyone was wondering.) On the other hand, some of the subject matter made us wonder why people seem to think that that movie is appropriate and some anime is not, but what are you gonna do?

And now we have been away from Kingdom Hearts for too long. But somehow it seems wrong to just go right to that and have it take over the rest of our day. We were planning on maybe doing some chores today, but we got back so late. So we think we might do them on Tuesday instead, since if we don't have the contract for Negima! by then there will be no point in trying to finish the script in time for Comic Con. Incidentally, we just found out that Yasuhiro Nightow is going to be at Comic Con, too. I wonder if he'd still remember us if he saw us...

Today I'm thankful for having a fun time at the sleepover, being back home with our kitties, having our air conditioning on, the yummy food that was supplied at the sleepover, and still having the leftover chocolate.
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