July 16th, 2009


A lexicon!?

The little toolbar thingie at the top of our LJ has turned pink to match our format. It used to be black, but now it is pink. We like pink, or else our format would not be that color, but we also like to have a dark color at the top of our screen. I'm not sure why exactly, but it's less nervous-making. That's why, before they introduced the whole toolbar thing, we kept the stripey thing at the top of our format red (darker than pink). (Athena points out that "darker than pink" might make an awesome parody for "Darker Than Black." But anyway.) So basically, we're a little sad that we can't figure out how to change it (after trying for approximately less than one minute).

We finished the story for Negima! 26 today, and boy is it exciting! Akamatsu wasn't kidding about the last page having something shocking. Now if only he hadn't wasted that one chapter on filler, we wouldn't have to wait for the next volume to find out more about it. But anyway, the main point is that now we're working on the lexicon. And when you're faced with working on a lexicon, you let yourself get excited about silly little things. ...though probably that actually comes more from being silly fangirls.

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And I can't see how anyone but us could find that interesting. But I wanted to type it anyway.

Today's biggest obstacle: finding a decent Greek to English translation of the word ήνεμόεν. Apparently it means 吹き荒ぶ in Japanese, which means "to blow violently," but... see, one time there was a meme... I don't know if it was "going around," but one of our friends posted it... where you take so many of your favorite songs, have... like Google translator or Babelfish or something translate it into another language, and then translate it back into English and have your friends guess what songs they were, because they're probably so different now. That's what we tend to do with the lexicon entries that have quotes.

We had this idea where we could just look up the texts at like Google Books or somewhere, but then we realized that if the book wasn't originally in English, we should probably credit the translation, or else it might be kind of plagiariffic, and we don't want that. (Since the lexicons site all the original sources, if the work was originally in English, it's already credited.) So instead we play crazy language meme, and hope we get something close to a decent translation. At least it probably serves the purposes of the lexicon, by explaining the meanings of stuff.

But I think our main problem is that I'm not entirely satisfied with "blow violently" as a translation for 吹き荒ぶ, and I was hoping to get something better (as well as confirm that that's really what it means. then again, if it's not, we completely destroyed that particular lexicon entry's point). Also, we found a translation of the quote (it's from The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus, to give an example of the serious materials Akamatsu-sensei is drawing from), and that sentence didn't really match the Japanese. It kind of did, but it didn't, you know? It matched enough for us to know it was the same sentence. But there was no mention of rage or an aegis or anything! Aaaaaahhhh!!!

Oh well. At least Greek mythology is fun.

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to squee about our favorite voice actor, gradually getting better at reading (or at least Romanizing) Greek, accent colors, having an indoor job, and these quotes being from mythology not psychiatry. That lexicon entry was really really hard.