July 12th, 2009


The last day!

I know I promised pictures today if we didn't end up spending all day at Mom's, and the fact that we're posting should indicate that we are, in fact, at home. We are still planning on posting pictures later tonight, but I also want to make sure I finish all the text reporting so that 1)I'll remember it better from doing it sooner and 2)I'll spend less time doing it during the week. Sunday just seems like a good day for journaling, and we really want to spend our extra time on weekdays playing Kingdom Hearts. So I hope you don't mind getting two entries from us today.

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And that's all for AX. But not all for the reporting! I'll talk about Disneyland tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at Han & Leia's reception last night (maybe I'll get a chance to talk about it after we're done reporting about Disneyland), getting to eat chocolate chip muffins today, getting to hand our card to one more company than we expected, happy fan excitement, and it being a good day for ice cream.


It took a l...ot longer to get these pictures onto our computer than we expected. The program was having trouble with the video, so after trying three times (with a lot of waiting while it tried reeeeeeeeally hard to get it anyway), we finally decided to deselect all the video stuff and get just the stills. We'll have to figure out the video thing later. Anyway, the pictures were seriously ginormous, so we want to resize all of them, and it's taking kind of a while, but we did manage to get through all the Day 0 stuff!

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I don't know when we'll get to resizing the rest of them, but we'll try to not take too long!