July 10th, 2009



Another short work day! Yay! We'll probably be needing it, because yesterday we got the latest volume of Negima! in the mail. After this week, it kind of makes us wish we had something to work on that wasn't sooooooo haaaaarrrrd, but we're still excited. Especially! because, as we always do when we get a new volume of Negima!, we immediately flipped to the back to see how long the lexicon is and *gasp!* it's only four pages this time (as opposed to the usual five)! Of course, two and a half of those pages are all one entry for the same thing, and the longer the entry, the harder it is to translate, generally, but that other page and a half will be a breeze!

But today we have other crazy things to work on, so first we wanted to get our AX reporting done for the day.

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Today I'm thankful for finishing work early again, personalized autographs (if we'd known he would do that, we would have been more proactive about asking friends if they wanted us to get anything signed for them), alphanumeric cinnamon cookies, meeting aspiring lettering artists, and knowing what to do next for work.