July 8th, 2009


Let the reporting begin!

I guess it's time to start the AX reporting, huh? We decided we'd see about getting pictures uploaded on Sunday, but we're not sure if anything will be going on belatedly for Mom's birthday, so I guess we'll see.

Anyway, Collapse )

In other news, we're debating amongst ourselves whether or not to give Sarah the toffee we bought her. We originally got it as a thank you gift for feeding our cats, and then we saw she did the bare minimum and we were like, "What? That deserves no toffee!" But she did go out of her way to feed our cats at all, and it's thanks to her that they're both still alive right now. We did have a bunch of chocolate on the counter while we were gone, and we told her in our instructions to feel free to eat it, and I also discovered that she and Mom are having a diet race, so she might not want any extra candy... Maybe we should just ask her if she wants it. Hmm...

Today I'm thankful for meeting up with old friends, getting back to a relatively normal schedule, making it safely past the brush fire, having lots of leftover chocolate, and all the guests of honor who came to AX this year.