June 29th, 2009


Costco is a wonderful place

Wow, AX is in like two days. Well, kind of two and a half. It doesn't matter when it starts exactly--we're leaving on Wednesday. And that's kind of crazy.

Anyway, despite wanting to do nothing more than just play 358/2 Days all day, we were actually Responsible! First, we cleaned our kitchen. Sort of. We weren't like, super thorough, but we cleaned it. Why? Because next, we had to report our broken faucet. It was working well enough for us to be able to use it just fine, but since we're going out of town, we wanted to make sure the person taking care of our kitties wouldn't have any problems with it. Then we got a little work done, and then I called Han to remind him we were going to go to Costco as Phase 1 of Operation: Disneyland Annual Passport Renewal, and while we waited for him to show up, we even wrote a column! We were totally planning to slack on that until tomorrow. That reminds me, we still need to send it in. Eheh.

See, we have a sort of complicated plan we have devised in order to make sure the Twins don't go bankrupt in the process of renewing their very important annual passports. First, we go to Costco to buy the pass, because, while we still have to pay the regular price of the pass, we also get a $50 gift card at no extra cost. We then use that gift card, along with our Birthday Fun Cards (TM), to get another pass for now just $81. Hence the trip to Costco.

While we were there, we addressed another problem that needed solving. At Anime Expo last year, we made friends with a guy from Japan who was very very kind and bought Saiyuki: The Musical for us, because you can only get it from Animate, and they don't ship outside Japan (as far as we know...). Unfortunately, he can't make it to AX this year, because the company he works for has forbidden travel to the States for fear of the swine flu. So he told us we just need to have his share of fun for him. I figured that involved taking pictures, but our camera died at Anime Detour. It was very sad, too, because baranoneko's friend was the best Xemnas cosplayer we've ever seen (he looks just like him (this coming after just spending a long time fighting Xemnas recently), and he knew how to pose; it was awesome), and our camera was unresponsive as we were trying to get his picture.

So we were already a little concerned about that when, in the course of our promising to get our friend an autograph, he said, "And I'm looking forward to all the pictures you'll take!" And we were like, "D'oh."

But! we were at Costco with our photographer friend. So we got the voucher for the annual passport, and then we said, "We're also thinking about getting a camera." And almost immediately, we have a super awesome digital camera for (relatively) not very much money. He made sure to show us how it worked and all the features before he left after dropping us off, and it is Fancy. We're going to use it to take a picture of us with our Fruits Basket plushies to include in our letter to Natsuki Takaya.

I guess I should add a disclaimer that just because we have a fancy new camera doesn't mean we'll be posting pictures. We really ought to, though, so maybe we will.

Today I'm thankful for Operation: Disneyland Annual Passport Renewal, having a fancy new digital camera, being able to pay tithing yesterday, having a working faucet now (the maintenance guy left just as Han called to let us know he was here), and being able to take pictures for our poor friend who can't go to AX.