June 28th, 2009


Shiny dreams♪

Celeste's housewarming party was... actually not as fun as the bridal shower, but it was still really nice. And there were peanut butter M&Ms, which are totally the best kind. I actually didn't mention what we got for Celeste and her husband. When we were at Target, we wandered into the home decor section, and they had a ton of really cute bathroom themes. What caught my eyes was a wastebasket shaped like a duck, scrubbing its head with a soapy brush, and it was soooooooo cute. And when you opened the lid (the top of the duck's head), it quacked! We liked it a lot, and Mom said it doesn't matter if the bathroom decor matches the rest of the house (so we didn't have to worry about that), so we got it for them! Celeste seemed really excited when she opened it, and she went around showing it to everybody (we left a little early, so we had her open the gift discreetly so we could see her reaction). Her husband said it was "tight." I think that's good.

Also, Celeste is trying out for American Idol on Tuesday!

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Today I'm thankful for peanut butter M&Ms, getting to take home all the leftover chocolate from Relief Society, crazy plans that actually seem like a feasible way of accomplishing dreams (though I wonder if it might be faster to just go to Disney and say, "Hey, could you use some translators?"; we'll see how all our conventions go), adorable duck-shaped wastebaskets, and having plans to activate Operation: Disneyland Annual Passport Renewal tomorrow.