June 27th, 2009


Between parties

It's so unusual for us to have any parties at all to go to, and yet today, we have two! Celeste's housewarming party is later tonight, and Leia's bridal shower was this morning, and in the midst of it all, we just want to play Kingdom Hearts. Okay, so we actually do enjoy spending time with people, and while we're at the parties, it's really fun (or at least, I'm predicting that Celeste's will be fun), but now that we're between parties, it's like, "Why do we have so much stuff to do!? We have Kingdom Hearts to play!"

Anyway. The bridal shower was fun. Thinking about it just a few minutes ago, I realized that Leia was, in fact, the only person there that we knew. We didn't even know the people who drove us there! (Han's mother and sister.) But despite that, it wasn't awkward at all, and everyone was very friendly. When we got there Leia gave us each a hug and said she was glad we could make it. We told her we brought Pretear to lend her and she seemed pretty excited. She told her friend about it, and her sister overheard, and asked what we were talking about and we said it was an anime series and she said, "Then why haven't I heard of it?" And we were like, "Whoa, there actually are multiple anime fans in Fresno." This is something we're actually well aware of, but we so rarely meet any of them that it's kind of novel.

It pretty much started with Leia opening up all the presents, which was kind of odd because there was no fanfare or anything, just all of a sudden she was opening stuff. But she doesn't like getting too much attention, so it kind of makes sense that they did it that way. In fact, her sister-in-law tried to have a game going on at the same time to distract everyone from Leia (she reeeeally doesn't seem to like attention, but she hides it well). She had given each of us a ribbon before everyone started, but we were all supposed to tell her how long we wanted it, and she wouldn't tell us why. As it turned out, the length of the ribbon was how long you had to talk about yourself. The game stopped soon after it was started, though, because everyone was too distracted by the gift-opening. She seemed pretty pleased with the ice cream maker, so now we just have to hope it was genuine pleasure. (We can be very cynical at times...)

When everyone was finished talking about themselves, there was a game where the sister-in-law had asked Han a bunch of questions and Leia had to answer the same ones, and for every question she got wrong (or answered differently from Han), she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth. Of course Han has a very poor memory, so she ended up with a lot of gum. But some of the different answers were like, "Aww, that's so sweet I wouldn't have thought to say it!" It was very cute♥

After the games, people just hung around talking. Of course, since we were talking about ourselves, everyone found out that one, we're related to Hugh Nibley, and two, we translate manga, so some of the older ladies came to talk to us about that. Mostly the Hugh Nibley stuff (though one of them actually was more a fan of Great Uncle Reid), but the mother of one of Leia's best friends wanted to talk to us about the manga. The friend couldn't be at the shower because she's up at BYU studying art and Japanese after getting back from her mission in Japan.

So overall, it was a really good time, and we weren't even bored. But now that our Pretear DVDs are on loan, suddenly I want to hear Sasame's beautiful beautiful voice. Such is life. I would just suggest watching Princess Tutu for basically the same effect, but we have Kingdom Hearts to play♥

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to a fun bridal shower, Leia not hating the present we got her, having a ride to and from the shower that didn't inconvenience anyone too much, creamsicles, and it now being time to get back to Kingdom Hearts.
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