June 22nd, 2009


Out of hiding

We've been in hiding today. Only not really. Mostly just a, "We're not going to bother responding to e-mails or comments or anything today" kind of day, which is not even entirely true, as we just responded to e-mails and comments. But yesterday was kind of melancholy, what with the sudden no Disneyland thing and then talking to Dad on the phone and discovering he's up to his old mischief again, which makes us very very sad. So we were kind of like, "Forget it, we'll just go hide in Kingdom Hearts." But it was Sunday, and since Sundays are days when we're supposed to rest and think about the Lord and things like that, we think the least we can do is not play games we're totally obsessed with, as a reminder that there's more to life than, for example, Kingdom Hearts.

So we hid inside Kingdom Hearts today instead! But we were more responsible than that, even! We cleaned first! And vacuumed! Wow! And then we managed to beat four boss battles and two mushrooms, and now all we have left is one event quest, which of course involves fighting a super scary strong boss guy, but it's all very exciting.

But anyway, I mentioned the writer's block question about if you've ever considered converting to another religion, and I figure I should stop putting off answering it. Collapse )

I think that about covers it. Today I'm thankful for the Joseph Smith manual, making a lot of progress on KH2 sidequests today, having a vacuumed floor!, Sora's cute little crown, and getting to watch The Little Mermaid last night.