June 21st, 2009



Today has been not so great for a few reasons, but most notably, when Han came in to the library to see why people were talking adamantly about flowers, we told him and then I asked him what days we were going to Disneyland and he said we're not! Boo! Boo, I say! Boo! He ran out of money and his buddy who was going to go with us bailed. Or is that baled? It doesn't matter, because we're not going either way. We can't really blame anybody--it is expensive to go to Disneyland, after all--but we're still majorly bummed. At least that will give us more time to work on completing Kingdom Hearts II sidequests. (We were very happy last night when it only took us forty minutes to beat one of the new boss battles!) But we're still hoping he'll call and say, "Just kidding! Some money just came in and we can go after all!"

Anyway, in case people were wondering why people were talking adamantly about flowers, I was pacing around the library to keep warm (it's always freezing in there!), and I walked by the trash can. I saw a bowl in it that clearly used to have chocolate syrup in it, and Athena reminded me that it's Father's Day. In our stake, the men tend to get ice cream sundaes on Father's Day. And that had me a little annoyed. The men get ice cream sundaes on Father's Day, and on Mother's Day, at least in our ward, the women get wilting roses that still have the thorns on them. We used to get See's candy when one of the men in the ward worked there, and then he didn't, so we got chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory because somebody else worked there, but now nobody works at any candy shops, and the budget only allows for so much. So we totally understand why, but if you don't have the money for a nice rose, then use that money to get a nice flower that's not a rose. Like a carnation.

So I suggested that next year, when Mother's Day rolls around, we take a tithing slip and make a special donation in the "Other" category, specifying that the money is to go to buying nice flowers for the girls on Mother's Day. Bam. ...and that's when Han showed up.

Anyway, in happier news, lyschan sent us a scan of the picture she drew that I said I wanted to show everybody! It's a very adorable fanart of Ageha from VB Rose with a kitty! And she's a published children's book illustrator, so you know it has to be adorable!

And here it is! Collapse )

Changing the subject yet again, last night we talked about a bunch of stuff with Mom, and Celeste showed up for part of it, and it was really nice because we got to talk about a lot of issues without anybody getting offended. It got brought up that Celeste is worried that we're all jealous because she has a house, but actually we're really happy for her. It used to be, growing up, that we would see on cartoons and other TV shows where something good would happen to a character and their friends and relatives would all be like, "Oh, I'm so happy for you!" And I would think about it and wonder how they could do that, because I would always be so jealous of everybody.

Whenever something good happened to somebody else and not us, we would get jealous. We got super jealous one time when our friend got an Animaniacs album. It was just a simple matter of sharing the album, and then getting our own, and we could all learn the songs and enjoy singing them together. And somewhere in my twelve-year-old mind, I was aware of that, but I was still jealous, and I thought I would never ever be able to be happy for somebody else. I even remember being worried about playing the piano with Mom around, because she had started learning to play the piano, and she might get jealous if I got better than her. It was kind of messed up, come to think about it. But if Fruits Basket has taught me anything, it's that everybody is messed up in some way or another, and we're all just learning how to overcome ourselves.

Actually, I think it was middle school when we got better at not being jealous. We realized that people were smarter than we were, and suddenly something clicked and we were just Okay with that. Still, when people started being smarter than us about something we considered Our Territory, then we'd get jealous. We're still like that now, actually. Though in some cases (I want to say all, but it's hard to be sure) it's more like (for example), "Um... Seeing as how I graduated college with a Japanese major and you might have taken one class, I think we know that 'ai shiteru' means 'I love you' even if it's not 'suki desu.'" We tend to get a little adamant about stuff we're pretty sure we know.

But it's only just recently that we've really been able to be happy for people, so last night I was trying to figure out why. (And this is where all those jealousy issues come back, because I'm worried that I might sound like a know-it-all. I can totally understand why Celeste would be worried that we were jealous.) Anyway, we decided it must have to do with gratitude. It's a lot easier to be happy for somebody else when you're satisfied with your own situation. And to be satisfied with your situation, you have to let the gratitude for what you do have outweigh the dissatisfaction over what you don't. Of course, we think it's okay to be jealous and happy for someone at the same time. Like, "Oh, you have a house? You're so lucky! But that's awesome for you!" Or something.

And now I'm worried about sounding preachy, but it's what was on my mind. Well, one of several things on my mind, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste watching the Mary Martin Peter Pan musical all the time when we were growing up, people with scanners who are nice enough to share, Celeste having a house, getting the extra brownies from last night, and the awesome talk we had in Sacrament Meeting. One of the points he brought up was that it has been statistically proven (and with real statistics, not the made-up kind) that while most people seem to think success and wealth make you happy, it's actually being happy that makes you successful and wealthy. That's why one of the three things you can do everyday to change the world is to just smile!