June 14th, 2009


Further adventures in library copying

Today certainly has been interesting. We got an e-mail this morning from someone applying to work for our fictitious business. It's not the first time we've had people send us resumes, or even call us trying to apply, but it's the first e-mail, and we're not entirely sure how to deal with it. If it were us, in many cases we'd rather get nothing than a "sorry, but no," but some people like to have that closure. So we're a little bit at a loss.

And then our adventures in library copying have continued today. Collapse )

In the midst of it all, Athena decided to sort through all the little bits of paper she had in her scripture bag (so she'd have room to put the paper we wrote all the codes on) and found some really good quotes, like this one that turned out to be quite applicable: "When your patience is tried, try to be patient!" There was another really good one, too, but we've been sitting at the computer way too long already to be sitting at it longer while fishing out this quote again.

Today I'm thankful for easily finding all the codes (seriously, it sounds like a video game--we even got an extra bonus code after finding all the codes!), having a really sweet visiting teacher who brought us cupcakes on a day when I was just a little bit sad that the Relief Society teacher didn't bring treats, finding good quotes again, having cupcakes, and smart kitties. (Mimsy seems to have picked up on the fact that when we say "read manga," she'll get to sit on someone's lap and be petted♥)