June 8th, 2009



The plan was to stop working a little bit early today to make sure we had enough time to bake the cookies we promised to bake for Family Home Evening tonight. But we ended up working for the same time as usual anyway for two reasons. First, I had to fend off phone solicitors who kept swearing to me that they only asked for help once a year even though I was pretty sure I'd gotten a phone call from those exact same people a lot more recently than a year ago. But I helped them anyway because first, I didn't have any proof that they had called less than a year ago, and it could just be that my sense of time has gotten very skewed. There were some people I've been thinking live in a time warp lately, but the more I deal with other people from different directions, the more it's starting to seem like we're the ones in a time warp.

Also, the fact that they're calling again even though a year hasn't passed could just be an indication that nobody is helping them at all, so they need our help all the more. It could mean that they're taking advantage of us being saps, but that's not our place to judge. If I do ever prove that one of these groups is calling more frequently than they say they are, though, I may have to refuse to help an organization that constantly lies to me.

I had thought we'd gotten to a point where they left us well enough alone, but I think they're making a comeback, since when we were expecting calls from Oreo's doctor I had to actually pick up the phone. Sigh.

Anyway, the other reason we didn't finish up work early is that we had left out some spell translations in Negima!? neo volume 3, and Del Rey asked us to provide them. This just goes to show that if you take the lazy way out, eventually it will come back and get you some other time. Sarah told us she had a teacher who had a poster or something that said, "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again?" Such a good saying. But it all worked out for the best, because we also had a chance to bring up the Aegis Cruiser problem from Negima! 22, and our boss said they could fix it in the reprint! Yay!

Still, things were getting pretty exciting in Gakuen Alice. Ah well, more to look forward to tomorrow!

Today I'm thankful for translating manga again! (the idea of working on manga today has had me excited all weekend), chances to fix our mistakes, chances to help people, getting to watch Mulan last night, and still having time to watch Shugo Chara!! before baking cookies.