May 30th, 2009



The problem with letting Kingdom Hearts take over our lives is that then we don't have much else to talk about. But then, we don't want to spend time on LJ that could be spent playing Kingdom Hearts, so in that respect maybe it's a good thing. And then Crunchyroll decides to have a promotional event where you get special Shugo Chara! badges just for watching the show!! But we don't have time to watch the show, we need to play Kingdom Hearts!!! It probably wouldn't be an issue if our Play Asia order weren't scheduled to arrive on Monday. But anyway, the Shugo Chara! thing is really neat, and we're excited to get more virtual... um... they called them virtual something but I don't remember what. At any rate, we're excited to get them. As soon as we can pull ourselves away from Kingdom Hearts.

We saw UP last night, in Disney Digital 3D. It was super fancy. They didn't have it at the IMAX, though, which was sad, but the 3D was still super fancy. Everybody was all like, "La la laaa, putting on my 3D glasses..." like it didn't make much difference, and then the Disney Digital 3D logo came up on the screen and the whole theater was like, "Whoa." It was pretty incredible.

The movie itself was pretty amazing as well. Pretty much what we'd expect from a Pixar film, only maybe a little more tear-jerky. The term "heart-wrenching" was used in discussing the movie afterwards. There were probably about three parts where the sobbing was nigh uncontrollable. But there was plenty of humor to balance it out. There was a good audience, too--they actually laughed out loud! That was a slight problem, actually, because we missed a few lines because of it, but it's still better that way, I think.

There was a cute little girl at the theater, too. We got there too late for the one showing, so we killed time at the nearby Borders before the next one, and by the time we got back to the theater, there was a long line of people waiting to get in to see our movie. We were a little sad about that, but almost as soon as we got in line, it started moving into the theater! So we were discussing how we got there at just the right time, and as we kept moving (like I said, it was a long line), the girl who was waiting in front of us met up with someone who I guess was her mom, and she made sure to inform her mother that our group got there at just the right time. It was very cute♥

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the super awesome movie UP, Disney Digital 3D, fancy 3D glasses (I think they were worth the $4), having a good group to see UP with, and Shugo Chara! promotional events.