May 28th, 2009



On Tuesday, we got a phone call. Actually, we got a bunch of phone calls, but one stood out more than the others. It was from our Disneyland associate Han, wondering if we had plans for the next day. Unfortunately, we were in dire need of groceries, and because things kept not working out on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday was our day. We also had a vet appointment for Oreo that we were planning to reschedule, but I still hadn't rescheduled it yet, as I was planning to call the next morning. And because of this, we had to turn down his invitation to Disneyland. We've turned down invitations to Disneyland before, but this time was especially hard, because I think one of the main things we've been needing for a while is just some friends to talk to and hang out with. We were so sad we were even having a hard time focusing on Kingdom Hearts!

We kept trying to convince ourselves it was for the best, especially since I remembered that our home teacher was coming on Wednesday, but it just wasn't working. We forced ourselves to eat dinner anyway, and while we were doing so, we got another phone call. It was Mom, and she wanted to know if we maybe wanted to go grocery shopping right now! So that's just what we did, and we called Han and it wasn't too late to accept the invitation and thus we had a surprise trip to Disneyland. Yay! (We also called and rescheduled with our home teachers so they wouldn't come over while we were gone.)

Nothing especially special happened at Disneyland, except for our failure to go on Splash Mountain. We decided that maybe we could handle it, and Han and our other associate... we'll call him Donald, since that's his favorite Disney character... had decided that that was the number one thing they wanted to do. So we agreed to at least go through the line. We always liked the atmosphere of Splash Mountain, after all. But while we were waiting in line, we would catch glimpses of the log flume, and it would remind me of the creepy dreams I sometimes have about Bizarro Disneyland (a general term for all the weird Disneylands in my dreams), which are almost always about the Haunted Mansion or Splash Mountain. I thought it might be a good idea to face my fears and remind myself once again that the real Disneyland is very different from Bizarro Disneyland, but the association was making me feel kind of sick. We almost went on the ride anyway, though. We even sat down in the boat for a little bit. But the guy in charge of pushing the button to send the boats along was on the phone, and the longer he took the more I was terrified of the moment he pushed that button. So I got up and left, and Athena came with me.

It was really funny though, because the line keeps warning you that there's a 50 foot drop on the ride, and we would whimper whenever we saw the signs, so our friends would try to tell us they were lying, or that it wasn't that bad, or something stupid. One sign said, "Warning: 50 foot plunge ahead!" in big red capital letters, and Athena pointed it out and said something like, "See, this is why we don't want to go on this ride." And Han was like, "No, you see, 'plunge' is a typo."

Later in the day, we were joined by Gaston and his wife, and a little later, we met up with Gaston's brother and his wife, so we ended up with a big group of nine people. It was a party! Gaston told us what he's been telling Han and Leia about how we're so fun to go to Disneyland with. He said it's because we don't care what anybody around us thinks, so we just do what's fun without shame (to paraphrase). It was nice to hear somebody saying they like that about us, because recently I get the feeling that that might be why we have such a hard time keeping friends. We're not planning on changing it though, because worrying about whether or not people are staring tends to make for a lot less fun. Especially at Disneyland.

Oh right! and we got an autograph book. Brer Fox was randomly wandering around Main Street whenever we happened to be there, and since we hit it off so well in Tokyo, we decided we should get his autograph. But he spelled his name Brar Fox. I'm not sure if that means Brer Fox doesn't know how to spell, or if it means the person playing the character doesn't know how the name is spelled. What with that and Splash Mountain, there was quite a bit of talk about how nobody will know anything about Song of the South anymore.

We ended up being pretty darn tired today, but overall, we had a really good time, and I think we really needed that trip, so we're happy about it. Today I'm thankful for surprise trips to Disneyland, people assuring us that they are not ashamed to be seen with us, making it home safely (the way the past couple of weeks have been going, with the ups and downs, we were pretty paranoid, especially when we ended up spending less money on groceries; we wondered if it was a trap), having the choice to go on Splash Mountain or not, and getting to spend much needed time with friends. And Leia letting us use her phone to reschedule Oreo's vaccinations.