May 26th, 2009



Athena tried out our $3 pompom maker today, and now we have a really fun pompom that the cats are completely ignoring.

Ostensibly, we made really good progress translating today. But there were a lot of places where we didn't think it sounded quite right, and instead of stopping to work it out, we highlighted the lines and moved on. (Athena said, "I don't like having to stop and think about things. It makes me want to go play Kingdom Hearts.") So we might end up having more work to do when we go over it again, but for now, we got about sixty pages done. And, since we got those pages done so early, this translation isn't due for months, and AX is still coming closer, we decided to call it a day and do a tiny bit of work on costumes. And thus Lucca now has a pair of shorts, and it only took about forty minutes to make! Yay!

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And I think that's all I had to talk about today. Today I'm thankful for pompom makers, having a chance to work on costumes today without infringing on our Kingdom Hearts time, creative uses for t-shirts, the For Dummies series, and Kougaiji's entourage of dancing youkai.