May 22nd, 2009


It's pouring! (metaphorically speaking)

Our schedule has turned all kinds of crazy for the whole weekend. It wouldn't be an issue so much if we weren't actually going out of the house around the time we should be giving Oreo his medicine. Kat said we should try to give this particular medicine to him at about the same time every day, and Wikipedia mentioned something about overdosing, and we're extremely paranoid, so we're afraid to give it to him too early. And to complicate matters, Oreo's schedule to get his vaccines less than twenty-four hours after his last dose, which means he'll still have some in his system, and the vet specifically wanted to wait a week instead of doing the vaccines when we took Oreo in two days ago to make sure we were done with all the crazy infection stuff. Then again, he wasn't entirely opposed to vaccinating him then, either, so maybe we shouldn't worry so much about it.

But anyway, tonight we're going to see Night at the Museum 2, which we are very excited about. There aren't very many movies we make a point of seeing, but the first Night at the Museum was super awesome and stuff, so we definitely want to see the sequel. And then Up comes out next week. Why does everything we want all come out at the same time, right when Oreo gets sick? Sigh.

To make matters worse on the spending money before we earn it front, we discovered that the problem with taking a Thursday off to play Kingdom Hearts is that it makes it exceedingly difficult to convince yourself that it wouldn't be a good idea to take Friday off as well. And it being a holiday weekend and all, that can lead to a lot of slacking. But we promised ourselves we would work on Monday (since we normally wouldn't have remembered it was Memorial Day on our own, and even if we did, we probably would have worked anyway), and thus we fell into our own trap. But! but! the shiny features on KH2: Final Mix are soooooooo shiiiiinnnnyyyyyy!! They have puzzle pieces to look for!! It's another little questy thing like the puppies in the first game, only this time you get to put together more shiny pictures! And! and! Sora wrote comments on all the photos in Jiminy's album! And they're sooooo cute! He uses lots of exclamation points!!! (That (among other things) actually makes us wonder if Haley Joel Osment may not be using the proper amount of energy as Sora, but we'll blame the director.)

And then, to top it all off, there was a knock at the door while we were making lunch today. We had a manga order and potentially a book from TokyoPop to expect, so we weren't surprised (except for the timing; I almost burned my sandwich!), only it wasn't any of those things--it was from our friend in Japan. Several weeks ago, we asked him to get us Saiyuki: The Musical, because you can only get it from Animate and they don't ship outside Japan. He very kindly agreed, only it was sold out, so he ordered it online (from Animate). Only it was back ordered, so there was a wait for it. And then finally, on the first day we took Oreo to the vet, he sent us a quick e-mail letting us know he'd gotten the shipping confirmation. And then we forgot about it, because 1)we were still stressing out about Oreo, and 2)we thought he'd e-mail us again when he got it. But he didn't, and thus we were in for a big surprise today! Tadah!

Only, while we were super happy to get it, we were in kind of a dilemma. Here we are obsessing over Kingdom Hearts, and now you want us to watch Saiyuki? It's kind of a difficult transition to make, because Kingdom Hearts and Saiyuki are very very different from each other. It was kind of like, "If only all our problems were this insignificant." And then we realized we'd get over it. But right now it's still a little like, "But, the-- huh?"

Come to think of it, the idea of Saiyuki being a musical is kind of like the idea of Kingdom Hearts and Saiyuki being in a similar realm of... um... It's really hard to describe. It's like the mood of the works. Oh well. It makes sense to us, and that's what's important *grin*

Off to play more Kingdom Hearts!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Night at the Museum 2, shiny shiny shiny features in KH2: Final Mix, work updates, very nice people in Japan who will buy DVDs for us, and oh my gosh we have Saiyuki: The Musical on DVD.