May 20th, 2009



I think this current project is going to be the hardest thing we've ever worked on. We have to do a rewrite of the last Kieli translation we turned in, which wouldn't quite be so hard except that we're having to change it in ways we're not used to. Of course, when you're set in one way of doing something, it's hard to see how the other way can be better, especially when you didn't come up with it yourself, but I do think it will turn out better for it. くやしいけど。

But what makes it even harder is that, because we're not used to it, we decided to just turn in the prologue and see if we get an okay on it before doing the whole book and finding out we're still not doing it right. That means waiting for an e-mail that very well might have even more criticism. And if it does have more criticism, we have to repeat the process over and over until it finally works. Or we get fired.

On the bright side, since we don't have any other immediate projects to work on, we've had time to catch up on FullMetal Alchemist while we wait for e-mails! So it's been a bit of a laid-back day. (If a little high-strung, Athena adds. I guess that's oxymoronic, but... oh well.)

Also, Kinokuniya surprised us by getting new manga on Wednesday (today) instead of Thursday! And that means we have shiny new manga on the way! Of course, we haven't had much time to read the last batch of shiny manga we got with all the excitement last week, but... oh well. Maybe we'll read some manga when we get back from Oreo's vet appointment. We did just get a new Classic Composers CD, and that will be a good chance to listen to it.

And lyschan, we got you a copy of the VBR art book, but none of the stores had the Akiyoshi Family books, so we couldn't get them. It's looking like Amazon Japan might be your best bet, because Kinokuniya's site said they can't get them.

And now we have another episode of FMA that just finished loading, so we're off! Today I'm thankful for second chances, getting caught up on the new FMA (new episode tomorrow; hopefully we can keep up), a little downtime, getting the first pressing of the Haruka 4 CD we ordered even though CD Japan said they were out, and having cool enough weather that we don't even need the ceiling fan to be on.