May 19th, 2009


It's official!

We just got a call from the vet (well, we just got it about fifty minutes ago, but we had some work to finish before posting), and Oreo does not have cancer!! YAY!!!! The nodules on his spleen were a regenerative response resulting in lots of red blood cells, and the liver things were all consistent with fatty liver. Oreo has been acting just like he always does, including waking Athena up for breakfast (and actually eating it). And the vet also said it's not a problem that his pills got left out in the heat (Kat told us we should probably check with him to be sure). And! our air conditioner is fixed, so overall life is pretty good.

Not that it's completely problem-free, though. We got an e-mail earlier with a bunch of criticism on our Kieli translations, and that's always hard to take. Our first reaction is always to find fault with the criticism, and this time was no exception. We usually manage to get out of that after a while, but for now we're still working on it. It was especially harsh today, so even when we were working on Negima!? neo, there was a minor panic about how maybe it's all terrible and we need to fix everything, but we managed to calm down by reminding ourselves that our problem is with prose and not dialogue, and almost every company we work for (including the one we got criticism from) has said we do dialogue really well.

And then we got a work order from TokyoPop, which helped to remind us that we don't suck, until I started thinking about how they put a rewriter on everything we do so it doesn't matter how good or bad we are. In other words, today has become a translation angst day. But now that we're done with work, it will probably be much easier not to think about it... except that we kind of think about it all the time. But it will be much easier to not think about it in the angsty context... I hope.

Anyway, let's try to focus on the positive! Today I'm thankful for having two healthy kitties, Oreo not having to have surgery, finishing work a little early today, having a working air conditioner, and maintenance guys who will work outside in the heat so we don't have to work inside in the heat.