May 14th, 2009


Interesting times

Today feels very surreal, and I'm not sure whether or not that has to do with all the craziness that's been going on. It's been pretty insane. We've been taking slightly longer breaks from work to feed kitties, give kitties medicine, let the internet come back... Okay, that one was a lot longer than usual. Just randomly, we were checking the AX forums after lunch, and suddenly no internet. And it took us almost an hour to get it fixed. But we did, and that's the important thing. We also took an extra long lunch (not that it was all that long; our lunch break is usually about twenty minutes long) to retrieve a package from the office. It turned out to be the copy of Oliver & Company that the Disney Movie Club sent us, which was weird, because usually the mail person will just put those in our mail box.

We also got a call (the visit kind of call) from the UPS man with not one, but two things for us! The first was a box from Comcast so we can send back all their cable equipment. This actually has us a little (a lot) exasperated with Comcast, because they want us to ship the box back to them through UPS. If we could get to a UPS location, we would be able to go to their Comcast center thingie and just drop the stuff off, and we wouldn't have asked for the box to begin with. Oy. But the other thing was our paychecks for Kieli 3, so overall it came out in our favor. Very much in our favor, because we definitely need money right now.

Oreo is scheduled to be dropped off at the vet for that test tomorrow morning. We're still concerned about him, but he seems to be doing well. The whole thing has been quite an adventure, Collapse )

And those have been our adventures in cat-nursing. It's quite exhausting, but we love our kitties, so we deal with it.

Today I'm thankful for sure knowledge that Oreo is eating, getting our Kieli paychecks today, finally finishing Gakuen Alice 10 despite all the obstacles we came across, having our internet back, and cream puffs.