May 13th, 2009


Oreo Report part two

So yesterday we managed to stay mostly calm until we got home last night. Well, actually until they called to let us know we could get Oreo and take him home, because they said the doctor wanted to talk to us first, which had us freaking out even though all he wanted to do was give us a rundown of the necessary medication. We didn't quite manage to calm down after that, because that's when all the suppressed stress caught up to us. Fortunately, baranoneko was available to answer all our questions, and then they were showing the Cosby Show on TV Land, and laughter really is a very powerful medicine.

As I started this entry, the doctor called with the results from the ultrasound, and basically everything was about what they expected--a urinary tract infection, a little bit of... some doctor term that I think Kat told us was fatty liver (which is what happens when cats don't eat for too long). He also told us there were nodules on the spleen, which could be there because of the other problems or could be tumors in the early stages, and that the liver seemed enlarged. There is a procedure they can do to figure out exactly what's going on, and, as expected, it's very expensive. On the bright side, he asked how Oreo was doing and based on my answers, he said it sounds like he's doing a lot better (the doctor and the radiologist had discussed getting him on a feeding tube if he wasn't eating, but Oreo has been eating! yay!), and they didn't find anything officially nasty.

Speaking of Oreo's eating habits, he was on my bed this morning (which I took to be a good sign, since the night before last, he didn't climb onto anybody's bed (he seemed to not have the energy), and my bed is a top bunk). He would meow at me occasionally like he wanted something, and when I finally got out of bed, he eagerly followed me to the kitchen. So I got out the fancy prescription food we got for him, and he ate some of it. Then I guess he got tired of it or something, because he stopped. And yet for some reason, he kept meowing at us and making moves toward the kitchen like he wanted food. There was plenty of cat food out, but he didn't want any of that. He wanted... something else I guess. And I also guess it's less amusing in type.

See, I had this entry better planned, but then the vet called. Speaking of vets, I discovered when I got back to Firefox (we still use Windows Explorer on our laptop) that I'd misspelled veterinarian and other related words, and I am ashamed. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Kat being kind enough to answer all our questions and remind us not to panic, Oreo eating not only his prescription food but also some regular food (the prescription food seems to be designed to make cats want to eat it more?), The Cosby Show being on last night, the corrupt a wish game on the AX forums, and not having to wait too long to get the results of the ultrasound.